Basement Suites: Independent Living Close to Home

July 24, 2017

Basement Suites: Independent Living Close to Home Featured Image

Everyone loves a little independence when it comes to their living quarters. But what happens if you want to stay close to your family too? It’s always good to know you can strike a balance between the two. Enter the basement suite! Here are a few of the many scenarios where a basement suite could be perfect for your family. 

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The University Student 

Many families have children that go to university and move back home in the interim between school and finding a job. But after living kid free for a while you may find there is a bit of privacy concern for both parties. This is where the basement suite comes in and saves the day. 

With a basement suite, you can still live under the same roof and keep your privacy. This a great option for your children to come home to as they begin to settle into working life. One of the other benefits is it gives your child a chance to save up some of their hard-earned money to potentially purchase a home of their own.

There are many features you may want if this is an option you are exploring. Something like a built-in desk or office area would be put to great use by a young professional. As well, having the creature comforts of home such as a functional living room can make the suite perfect. Of course, you will also be wanting a full-size bathroom so this area can really be all theirs. If this style of basement suite fits your needs you may want to check out the layout for the Tanguay. This model offers some great inspiration for the ultimate student-friendly suite. 

The Retiree 

Most parents enjoy being in close proximity to their children no matter what age they are. So, when it comes time for them to enjoy their golden years, parents may want to downsize while keeping close to family at the same time. This is where the stress-free lifestyle of living in a basement suite comes in. 

If your parents are snowbirds, this can come as an added reason why they would opt to live with you but in their own suite. This allows them to go travelling without worrying about their home sitting empty. It’s also a time when they may want to indulge in family time and be closer to their grandchildren – which means the benefit of a live-in babysitter for you! 

When a retiring parent decides to downsize, they are still going to want the luxuries they’re used to. So be sure to pick a layout that has a reasonably sized bedroom, a full bathroom, and some living space. With these elements in mind, families can keep separate retreats but spend quality time together. If this is among your interests, check out our basement floor plan for the Westin to get few helpful ideas. 

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The Renter

The renter is looking for something completely different out of a basement suite. They want apartment-style living that is up to code and a lot of privacy. The benefit in renting out your basement is you will have extra cash coming in. It may even be enough to cover your entire mortgage! 

Another rewarding part of building a rental suite is you’re giving someone the opportunity to live in an area they may not have been able to afford otherwise. So for students looking to stay close to school or other renters looking to stay close to work, family and friends, your basement suite presents an ideal solution. As well, if you travel for work or are a frequent long stay traveller, you have someone to make sure your home remains safe. 

The design elements you’ll want in a rental suite will likely include a full working kitchen, full bathroom, and a comfortable sized living area (in addition to a bedroom of course). Try to include features that would be desirable for anyone looking for a new home such as a functional layout and storage space.

If you’re thinking of becoming a landlord, the basement floor plan offered by the Tanner may be ideal for you. 

If you’re thinking about including a basement suite in your home, talk to your builder about which options are best for your situation. A flexible builder will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

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