How to Choose Paint Colours For Your New Home

October 25, 2017

How to Choose Paint Colours For Your New Home Featured Image

Congratulations! Now that you’re the proud owner of a new home, it’s time to make some fun decisions about how you want it to look. But before you start shopping for furniture, accessories, and the right artwork, choosing the right paint colours for your new home is essential.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect paint colours for your new home. 

Colours Are Emotions

No one is quite sure why, but people respond emotionally to colours. That’s why we say we’re feeling “blue” when we’re sad and “seeing red” when we’re angry. So, if you’re trying to evoke a little emotion with your paint colours, follow this simple guide when choosing your basic palette:

  • Red – Passionate, important, energetic.
  • Orange – Playful, energetic, health.
  • Yellow – Happy, friendly, stimulating.
  • Green – Nature, stable, comfortable.
  • Blue – Free, serene, trustworthy, welcoming.
  • Purple – Luxury, mysterious, romantic.
  • Black – Somber, sophisticated, secret.
  • White – Fresh, spacious, neutral.
  • Metallic Gold – Flashy, luxury, majestic.
  • Metallic Silver – Wealth, stately, classic.

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Matte or Glossy?


Glossy paint tends to be easier to clean and durable – essential for high-traffic rooms like a kitchen or playroom for the kids. The downside to choosing a paint with a glossy finish is that it’s more likely to show defects, cracks, and imperfections.


A great choice for bathrooms and trim work as it results in a nice smooth finish that’s also easy to wash. But the reduced gloss will help hide imperfections better than a fully glossy paint.

Flat or Matte 

Better suited for interior rooms that are bigger spaces as they help deflect the eye towards the furniture and decorations. The downside to a matte paint is that it will be harder to clean. 

Depending on your design choices, what works well is using glossy or a semi-gloss paint for brighter or “louder” colours and matte paint for the trim or accent work.

Monochromatic or Multiple Colours?

To evoke feelings of calmness, simplicity, and stateliness, paint the room with just a single colour. This is a great idea for bedrooms or bathrooms. If you do go with just a single colour, choose different shades of that colour for the accent work and curtains, towels, and linens.

To add a bit of emotion to a room, use a darker shade of paint for the bigger spaces and then use lighter shades or similar shades (such as lavender matched with deep purple) to add a touch of energy and vivacity. Kitchens are a great place to mix different colours like green and yellow to create a high-energy yet inviting space.


If you have a high ceiling, one of the best ways to make the space feel more cozy and intimate is to paint it a darker colour of the same shade. Likewise, you can open up a cramped space with a brighter shade of paint on the walls.

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Dream Before You Paint

Whether you use an online application or simply pin up ideas on a pegboard, it’s a really good idea to visualize how each room would look with a given paint colour scheme. This way, you can try out different shades of white and then see which accent colours look best with your decorating styles. Or maybe you’re decorating a child’s room and want to ensure it has a fun and happy ambience.

If you’re drawing inspiration from a cherished item, most paint stores now allow you to perfectly match the paint colour to anything you want, so you’re guaranteed to get exactly the right shade.

Start With Neutral Colours

Before getting too excited about bold and energetic colours, start with a fairly neutral palette and then work your way up. In many rooms, eggshell, cream, or soft grey is a perfectly acceptable base to work with. From there, consider trim work, drapes, curtains, linens, and furniture colours that will add a perfectly balanced sense of energy and purpose to the room.

Use Testers

Most DIY stores and paint vendors will let you buy a small “tester” amount of any colour. Even though visualization is a great first step, be sure to paint a hidden corner of the room with the test paint and see if it matches your expectations. If it doesn’t, it’s easy to paint over it later with a different colour. If it does, you’ll have a little extra paint on hand for future touch-ups -bonus! 

By applying a few basic colour rules and taking your time, it will be a simple job to get exactly the right colour paint for your new home. Remember, it’s easier to have patience and plan out your colour choices than to have to move the furniture and do the whole thing over again!

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