8 DIY Decor Projects for Your Bedroom

June 16, 2017

8 DIY Decor Projects for Your Bedroom Featured Image

Your master bedroom is a wonderful place to add personal touches, so liven it up with some DIY decor! Here are a few fun, affordable and creative ideas to help you brighten up your owner’s suite. 

1. Tile Headboard

Tile isn’t normally your first thought when it comes to bedroom decor, but this exquisite faux tiled DIY headboard will definitely get you to see things differently. The foam tiles actually cost next to nothing online, making this project both gorgeous and cost effective. Simply spray them with spray paint to give them a personalized look and mount them to your wall. 

8 DIY Decor Projects for Your Bedroom Pillows Image

2. Geometric Painted Pillows 

For these adorable geometric throw pillows all you’ll need is some tape, black paint and your creativity. Use stencils or freehand on your pillows to create shapes and patterns you love. Not only will they give your room some character, they’ll also really brighten up the space. 

3. Japanese Inspired Lamp

This Japanese inspired lamp is a beautiful little addition to anyone’s bedside table – particularly if you prefer a more modern look. This unconventional DIY will show off your decorating skills and the cost-effective materials make it an affordable project. 

4. Romantic Lace Candles

If you prefer something a little more rustic, these DIY lace candles could be exactly the thing for you. All you will need is some glass jars, tea lights and some lace. This is a perfect time to recycle some lace from an older item or get rid of those empty votives you may have laying around. For further fun, consider making your own tea lights! to really add a personal touch. 

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5. Succulent Book Planter

Now for this one, just make sure the book you use isn’t the first edition! These DIY book planters are a trendy little way to grow a succulent and repurpose an old text. As the author of this post says, “you’re taking something beautiful and turning it into something else beautiful”, so indulge a little with this one! Succulents are nearly impossible to kill, so that’s a huge bonus for those lacking a green thumb. 

6. Crate Bookshelf

If you need some added storage, this crate bookshelf is a classy way to repurpose old crates. They are just the right size for books or even clothing items! You can create a variety of different layouts and choose whatever stain will best suit your bedroom’s existing colour palette. 

7. Braided Basket

If you have a lot of older t-shirts lying around, this is an excellent way to find a new use for them. Simply cut and braid them together to get this beautiful braided basket. Not only is this a fun project that will add some bright colours to your bedroom, it makes for the perfect laundry hamper. 

8. Pixel Watercolour Painting

Take one of your favourite scenery photographs and turn it into an impressive DIY watercolour pixel painting to hang over your bed. All you need is some basic photo editing software, some watercolour paper and paint! This will look great in any bedroom as a colourful conversation piece. 

By adding just a few decor items you can change the total outlook of your bedroom. Give these funky DIY ideas a try to spruce up your bedroom space!

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