8 DIY Decor Projects for Your Kitchen

August 18, 2017

8 DIY Decor Projects for Your Kitchen Featured Image

DIY decor doesn’t have to stop at your bedroom and living areas. You can add some handmade decor items to your kitchen too! Take a look at these kitchen DIY ideas and we are sure you will find some you’ll want to try! 

1. Fridge Wallpaper

Let’s face it, your fridge isn’t exactly the focal point of a beautifully designed kitchen. But who says you can’t change that? Chasing paper has many colour and pattern selections you can customize your fridge with to match your current kitchen decor. You can also wallpaper your fridge or even use it to line the inside of cabinets or drawers for a pleasant pop of colour. 

2. Hand Painted Linen Towels 

If you’re a big fan of decorative kitchen towels these hand printed linen versions are a classy way to add some personal touches to your kitchen. You can go for a neutral/classic look, bright pops of colour, or switch it up with the seasons. They are easy to wash and make for an excellent rainy day project. 

8 DIY Decor Projects for Your Kitchen Grocery List Image

3. DIY Kraft Paper Grocery List

If you’re finding you can’t keep track of what you need to buy each week, this could be the easiest solution. You need very few items to make this DIY Kraft Paper Grocery List making it one of the most simple DIY’s on this list. It’s also excellent for busy families as you can add stuff as you need throughout the week. 

4. Hanging Bundt Cake Planters 

If you have a few bundt cake pans laying around or come across a few at a second hand store, you may want to re-purpose them into planters for your kitchen. These Hanging Bundt Cake Planters are a unique way to add some greenery to your kitchen – especially if you use easy-to-care-for succulents. 

5. Re-Painted Mugs

Stuck with a bunch of mis-matched mugs? Consider give them a little update! This re-painted mug DIY makes it easy to have some fun with the cups you have waiting in your cupboards for a re-design. All you need is some paint and the oven for a completely safe mug re-do. 

8 DIY Decor Projects for Your Kitchen Wooden Trivets Image

6. Geometric Wooden Trivets

If you’re looking for an easy save for your countertops when you need to put a hot pot down, these geometric trivets are the way to go. This is a pretty straightforward DIY, but you will need iron and some wood stain. Not only are they practical, but they add a decorative edge to a commonplace kitchen item. 

7. Gold Confetti Dishes

Confetti isn’t just for parties – it’s perfect for dishes too! Many people appreciate the look of gold leaf and this is a totally practical use for it. Re-vamp some plain white dishes and make them DIY Gold Confetti Dishes instead. These can be used as fancy dinnerware or make for some great accent pieces!  

8. Sweet Cherry Pie Pot Holder

If you love to bake, this Cherry Pie Pot Holder is sure to be a piece of cake! Best of all, all you need is some felt and scissors! This item is both usable and a homey kitchen decor addition. Not to mention, it makes a great handmade gift for baking enthusiasts! 

With so many DIYs to choose from, you should have no problem making a few little changes to your kitchen. If you’re looking for some great ideas for other areas of your home, check out these DIY decor ideas for your bedroom!

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