8 DIY Decor Projects for Your Living Room

November 6, 2017

8 DIY Decor Projects for Your Living Room Featured Image

When you move into your home, you can’t wait to make it look just the way you’ve always dreamed about. Most people, though, find that after paying the down payment, closing costs, and charges for the moving van, they’d rather not splurge on a ton of new decor. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend big bucks to give your home the perfect look. These DIY ideas for living room décor are the perfect place to start. 

8 DIY Decor Projects for Your Living Room Hanging Wall Vase Image

1.Hanging Wall Vase

While you probably have a few photos or paintings you want to put on the walls, something like this three-dimensional hanging wall vase can add a lot of interest to the space. It’s so easy to put together that you can probably finish the project in a day. Get creative with what you put in the vase. You can change flowers with the season or even add some tea lights for creative lighting. This look works especially well in the hallway leading into the living room.

2. Wooden Signs

The trend of hanging wooden signs with cute sayings has become so prevalent they often retail for more than a pretty penny. However, if you want something more affordable that goes beyond the usual “Live. Laugh. Love.” signs, think about making one of your own. You can browse Pinterest for heartwarming or funny phrases, then paint them onto the wood yourself. Best of all, you’ll have a great feeling of accomplishment every time you look at it. 

8 DIY Decor Projects for Your Living Room Crate Coffee Table Image

3. Crate Coffee Table

By putting together this coffee table from crates you can purchase at a craft store, you’ll have a beautiful (and affordable) new piece of furniture. Best of all, the open spaces around the sides can be used for storage. If you have kids, purchase bins that fit in these spaces and use them to stash toys. This makes clean-up a breeze so you won’t have to worry about the toys overtaking the living room. 

 4. Blanket Ladder

Your new home will have all of the latest technology that helps keep your home warm in the winter, but it’s still nice to have a blanket to throw over yourself while you’re relaxing on the sofa. Stores often charge high prices for blanket ladders that lean up against the wall and hold a few blankets. However, you can easily make a blanket ladder on your own. With a few pieces of wood – or even just part of an old, broken ladder – you can save yourself a lot of money. 

5. DIY Bookshelves

You’ll probably want at least one shelf in the living room to help keep the clutter at bay – and a DIY bookshelf made from concrete blocks and planks of wood looks amazing. The key is to stain or paint the wood you’re using. This gives the shelf a finished, intentional look rather than having it look like something you’ve cobbled together until you decide to buy something else. 

6. Sofa Table

Having a coffee table in front of the sofa gives you a place to put drinks, but it can also take up some valuable real estate in the living room. If you’d rather have a more open space for the kids to play, check out this DIY sofa table. It’s a very thin table that sits in between the sofa and the wall – perfect for setting down your wine glass as you settle in with a good book. 

7. Gallery Wall

 Include the wooden sign you made in a gallery wall – an artfully arranged collection of pictures and other types of wall art. The only rule when creating a gallery wall is to have some elements that tie all of the pieces together. For instance, you might want to stick with black or brown frames or have a single colour theme throughout. 

8. Floating Candle Centrepiece

These floating candle centrepieces are surprisingly easy to make considering how elegant they look. Shorter vases would look nice on the coffee table while taller ones make a nice addition to the mantle over the fireplace. Even if you don’t like the idea of having water and flowers, you can certainly see how filling vases with beautiful items and a few LED lights creates a nice look.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a home that looks great. Start by getting a sense of your personal style, then incorporate some DIY décor projects into the space. You’ll save a lot of money by creating your own versions of expensive décor ideas.

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