10 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

December 8, 2017

Holiday presents can eat up a lot of your budget. Many people don’t even realize how much they’re spending until the credit card bills come in January. If you’re trying to cut back on your spending, making a few of your holiday gifts can help you save money. These ideas won’t cost you a lot, but they certainly don’t look cheap. Your friends and family are going to love them.

1. Emergency Stash Box

Candy lovers are going to enjoy this easy-to-make gift. Pick up a small tackle box or bead sorter from the craft store, then fill it with candy. This is made even better when you mix it up with a lot of different types of candy. Make the gift look complete with a sign labelling it as the “Emergency Stash Box”

10 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas Personalized Candle Image

2. Personalized Candle

If you have a colour printer at home, it’s surprisingly easy to personalize your candles with photos. You print the picture onto tissue paper, then seal it on the candle with a blow dryer. For a fun twist, have the kids make a silly face that makes it look like they’re stuck in the candle for the picture.

3. Fun Wooden Sign

Wooden signs are all the rage, and people love putting sentimental or funny phrases on them. This is a cute twist that makes a great homemade gift for a grandparent. In addition to the word or phrase you paint on, you glue small clothespins along the edge. Then, you can take family photos of each of the kids and clip them on. This could work well with school pictures of each of the grandkids. To use in your own home, you might have a phrase about travel, then clip pictures of your vacations. 

4. Sharpie Dots on a Pot

You may not know this, but you can use oil-based Sharpie markers to permanently decorate ceramic pots or mugs. Kids could use them to draw designs for their grandparents, but if you want something that looks store-bought, consider negative space designs. To get this effect, you put stickers on the pot – letter stickers to spell out a name or other shapes like hearts and stars – then draw dots with the marker all around it. Once the ink dries, you can remove the stickers, and it looks great. 

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5. Homemade Bath Bombs

If you know someone who loves sinking into a hot bath at the end of the day, these homemade bath bombs would be perfect. You can scent them as you like using dried herbs or scents you can buy at a craft store. A basic mould like an ice cube tray is easy to use, but you can also look for moulds in other shapes. Around the holidays, craft stores typically have chocolate or soap moulds in the shape of presents, snowmen, or other common holiday symbols.

6. Fun Food Gifts

If you have someone on your list that already seems to have it all, consider giving them some type of food gift. It’s common to pass out cookies, so look for other ideas. For instance, you could melt Hershey’s kisses onto some pretzels, or make up these cute dip mix ornaments. Inside the hollow plastic ornament, you place all the necessary spices for a dip along with instructions for making it.

7. Whiteboard Sign

Why not make a fun and decorative DIY whiteboard that’s both useful and looks great? You can make a classy design with some paper and a picture frame. The glass acts as a whiteboard, so you simply have to place bright paper underneath. Lined paper is good for making lists, but just a plain piece coloured paper looks nice as well. It depends on how you think the person might use the paper. 

8. Rice Heat Pack

Winters in Canada are cold, but you can heat things up a bit with these easy-to-make rice heat packs. These take minimal sewing skills, and you can even give them scent using dried herbs or essential oils. A large, thin heat pack could be used to soothe sore shoulder muscles, small ones could be hand-warmers for waiting at the bus stop, and larger ones can heat up the bed before sleeping.

9. Kids’ Pillow Bed

The kids on your list are going to love this simple pillow bed. Sew a large piece of fabric to fit four pillows inside, then let the kids flip them out as loungers. Laid flat, they could sleep on them, but when you fold the first pillow under the second, it allows them to prop their head up to read a book or watch a movie. Save some money on these by picking up cheap pillows during a sale.

10. Cute and Easy Headband

Headbands work well for short and long hair, and this design looks beautiful. You don’t even have to spend money to make this gift if you use an old t-shirt that doesn’t really fit anymore. Once you see how easy it is to make a DIY headband, you’ll want to do a few in different colours.

The holiday season doesn’t have to be about spending a lot of money. With these simple and cheap ideas, you can give your friends and family some fantastic gifts.

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