Do Home Builders Include Fences on Newly Built Homes?

July 23, 2020

Do Home Builders Include Fences on Newly Built Homes? Featured Image

Short Answer:

No, Home Builders do not typically build fences for homeowners.

Longer Answer:

By allowing customers to take care of fencing on their own – it allows the homeowners to reach an agreement with the neighbors to find a style of fence that both will like and enjoy, and allows homeowners to share the cost with your neighbor, instead of the homeowner having to foot the cost of the bill on his/her own.

Homeowner can be very peculiar with their fencing needs. Although you may not be required to, it’s good practice to discuss design and installation plans with any neighbors along your proposed fence line before starting your project. It’s courteous, and you could eliminate any frustration or dispute that could happen during construction. And it could save you some money – if you’re building a boundary fence, your neighbor may be willing to split some of the cost.

The downside to this is, when building a home in a new community, you may need to wait until your neighbors are fully moved into their new home before you can start the conversation about fencing.

What Is The Average Cost to Install a Fence?

We are not fence contractors, but to give you an idea, a 6 Foot Board Fence will typically start from $35-45/linear foot, which generally includes 4 x 4 posts. Unfortunately, this is only an estimate, as there isn’t a uniform price when it comes to the cost of fence installation. There are a lot of fence features that can influence the cost of a fence, including:

  1. The Size of Your Yard: Large yards require more materials and incur more labor costs than smaller yards.
  2. Materials: Fencing is available in a variety of materials. Here’s a list of the most commonly used types.
    1. Pressure Treated Wood
    2. Chain Link Fencing
    3. Composite Material Fencing
    4. Vinyl Fencing
  3. Style: The fencing style you choose will impact your overall installation cost. Wood picket fences, for example, involve more time and require more care to install correctly. Additionally, special features like a lattice top will also impact overall installation costs.
  4. Labour: Certain areas, such as hilly spaces, may require additional labour time, raising the cost.
  5. Gates: Single, double, sliding and customized gates
  6. Property considerations

Should neighbours split the cost of a fence?

If you and your neighbor decide that you both would like to build a fence to separate your properties, generally speaking, the cost of the fence installation should be split equally. Another common scenario is that one neighbor wants to build a fence, proceeds to build and install a fence without consulting the neighbor, and expects the other neighbour to split the cost of the fence that runs along the their properties. In this scenario, the person building the fence may be required to foot the whole bill unless the neighbor offers to help. The neighbour who built the fence may say that the fence benefits both neighbors and provides privacy to both sides, however, they have no obligation to help pay for it.

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