Feng Shui 101: The Bathroom

September 22, 2017

Feng Shui 101: The Bathroom Featured Image

Creating a tranquil environment in the bathroom is important to many home owners. After all, it’s one of the best places to get away and relax! Because feng shui is meant to create harmony within your home and your surroundings, applying a few of these concepts can really make your commode a place to unwind and find some inner balance. Here are some of the key things you can do to boost your bathroom’s feng shui. 

1. Keep It Closed

While it may sound a little funny at first, according to feng shui principles, the toilet is a major culprit in removing good energy from the home. The suction created by each flush is thought to slowly cause you to lose money and positivity over time. To counteract this effect, you’ll want to keep the lid down and the bathroom door closed as much as possible. 

2. No Pictures

You don’t want any family, pet or job-related images to be in your bathroom. As mentioned above, the toilet has the ability to “flush” these things away and bring negativity into your life. While no images are preferable, if you’re not keen on bare walls, consider hanging some serene artwork instead. 

Feng Shui 101: The Bathroom Earth Element Image

3. Add An Earth Element

Adding earth elements is thought to create harmony with the already strong water element present in this space. It’s recommended you choose eight stalks of bamboo specifically, as this number is thought to promote luck and wealth (not to mention make up for the toilet!). If bamboo isn’t your thing, any plant that thrives in a damp environment will do.  

4. Feng Shui Colours 

There are many feng shui friendly colours you can use in the bathroom, but in most cases, it’s best to bank on beiges, creams, pale blues, and greys. These colours are believed to invite calm to the room, making for a creative life force energy. 

5. Keep The Space Clutter Free

Feng shui and decluttering go hand in hand and should be applied to your entire home. Of course, this includes the bathroom. Clutter is believed to affect your ability to relax and in order to create a positive space, you must keep it clean.

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