Feng Shui 101: The Living Room

December 1, 2017

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The idea behind feng shui is that the way the energy flows in your home can have good or bad consequences in your life. By designing your home with feng shui principals in mind, you can create a more relaxing environment, improve your relationships, and even increase your wealth. Take a look at some of our ideas for creating a living room with good feng shui. 

Some Living Room Basics

In feng shui, you want the energy to flow around the room, and this is why the now popular open concept living areas are a great idea. However, it does mean you often have to think of the kitchen, dining, and living room spaces as a whole rather than three separate rooms. See how the energy flows around the entire space, not just the living room if you have an open floor plan on the first floor. 

Another key component of feng shui is having good lighting. Choose curtains or blinds that allow natural light into the space. Cellular (or honeycomb) blinds are especially good at letting light through while closed to keep the cold out. 

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Sofa Placement

The sofa is usually one of the biggest pieces of furniture in the living room, so it’s important to get the placement right. Ideally, the back of the sofa should be up against a solid wall, and someone sitting on the sofa should have a view of the door. If you don’t have a choice, you can still give the sitting person a view of the door by placing a mirror on the opposite wall. Mirrors are often used in feng shui to fix unfavourable elements. 

Containing Clutter

Clutter is a big no-no in the feng shui world, and if your family spends a lot of time in the living room, this can be a hard rule to follow. You might have kids’ toys, a forgotten water bottle, half-read books, and other such things lying about at any given time. Find ways to keep clutter organized and out of sight. For instance, kids can throw toys into bins when they’re finished playing. Many people also like having a small “put it away later” box in the room. This is where you can stash items until you can put them back where they belong. 

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Creating Balance

Balance is another important concept in feng shui. As you select furniture and artwork, think about ways you can balance the room. For instance, in decorating the mantle over the fireplace, you wouldn’t want to have a tall vase on one side without putting something of equal height on the other side. You should also balance out things like seating or pictures on the wall. This creates a better energy flow. 

Build Better Relationships

It’s also thought that the way you arrange your living room can make or break your personal relationships. For instance, if all of the seating is directed at the television, you’re creating an energy that’s not conducive to conversation. Instead, place chairs facing each other. When possible, having two or more items, like side tables and chairs, can make the room feel more inviting for everyone. 

The TV Is a Mirror

In many homes, the television is a focal point in the living room. Many proponents of feng shui recommend covering up the TV when it’s not in use. One of the main reasons for covering the TV is it acts like a mirror when not in use. If you can’t,  look to see what it’s reflecting when it’s off. You don’t want it to reflect outside eyesores, a messy kitchen, or another mirror. If it’s reflecting a beautiful nature scene outside, though, it may be beneficial. 

Bring in Symbols of Wealth and Happiness

According to feng shui principals, certain items placed in certain corners of the room can bring good fortune. Think about your home’s placement and outline which areas of the room are facing north, south, east, and west. Having something with water in the north direction will bring increased wealth. A small fountain or an aquarium would work well. Wooden items should go in the east and south areas, while metal items belong in the west. Be sure to do a little research for further feng-shui decor ideas.

Feng shui offers interesting suggestions for those looking for some help in giving their new home the best feel. Make some changes to your furniture arrangement or décor, and watch your luck change.

Looking for other ways to make your home a little more feng shui? See our previous Feng Shui 101 posts on the bathroom and bedroom.

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