Front Attached vs. Rear Detached: Which is Better?

December 11, 2017

Front Attached vs. Rear Detached: Which is Better? Featured Image

As you look at Sterling floor plans, you’ll probably notice the garage placement can vary. Many of our homes have front attached garages. This means the garage is visible from the front of the home – allowing residents to enter directly into the home from the garage. Other floor plans might highlight a laned home with a rear detached garage. In this style, the garage is removed from the home, located in the rear and generally backs on to a lane or alleyway.  

Naturally, you might wonder which style is right for your family. Learn about some of the benefits of each style to help you make your decision. 

Community Style

Often, the type of garage depends greatly on the rules of the community. Each neighbourhood creates a list of standards for how the homes have to be built. Simply put, you can’t have a front attached garage on a street with laned homes and vice versa. Some communities, though, have different sections for different kinds of homes, so your personal preference may not necessarily prevent you from building in a new community. 

In general, brand-new Edmonton communities have a mix of styles, while infill communities – places where you build a new home in an older, established neighbourhood – tend to require detached garages because that was the favoured style in the past.

Front Attached vs. Rear Detached: Which is Better? Exterior Image

Lot Size

While this is partially connected to the community you choose to build in, your lot options play an important role in whether you can have a front attached or rear detached garage. Homes with a front attached garage tend to be a bit wider because they have to accommodate both the garage and the traditional front entryway. These homes rarely fit on long, skinny lots. If you’re not sure whether the type of home you want will fit on the lot you want, talk to your builder. 


Both types of garages offer families the convenience of having a separate storage space and a place to protect cars from inclement weather. When you have a garage, you won’t have to worry about brushing snow off your car in the winter. 

However, attached garages are a bit more convenient because they’re connected to the home. When it’s raining or snowing, you don’t have to walk outside to get to your car. Attached garages also make it a bit easier to bring in the groceries because you don’t have far to travel.

Front Attached vs. Rear Detached: Which is Better? Exterior Image


Of course, when you’re paying money for the benefits of a brand-new home, you want that home to look good. While designers and architects do their best to design homes that are aesthetically pleasing, a lot of people feel the garage in a front attached home is simply too much. When you have a rear detached garage, the front of your home has more curb appeal in that it might look more like the traditional picket-fence home.


For some, the main purpose of the garage helps guide their decision. If you’re looking primarily for a place to park your car, the convenience of the attached garage is probably important. This is especially true when you have kids – and all of the backpacks, groceries, and sports equipment you have to cart around. On the other hand, those who are looking at a garage for storage more than anything else may prefer to keep their stuff out of sight in the detached garage.

Many people use their garage as a workspace, and both attached and detached garages have advantages for this purpose. It’s usually easier to include electricity and heat in an attached garage because it’s connected to the home. However, the rest of the family might prefer the noise of the workspace being across the rear lane in a detached garage. 

Sterling Homes is proud to offer a variety of floor plans to meet the needs of different families. Whether you prefer a rear detached garage or a front attached one, we’ve got something that will work for you.

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