Getting Your Home Ready for Spring Selling Season in Edmonton

March 2, 2018

Getting Your Home Ready for Spring Selling Season in Edmonton Featured Image

As the snow thaws and you start to think about moving into your brand-new home, you know it’s time to get your current place ready to sell. The Edmonton housing market is expected to see a slight drop in Edmonton home prices in 2018, according to the Edmonton Journal, but when your home looks great and has the right price, you’ll be able to sell it. Take our advice on preparing your home for the spring selling season in Edmonton.

Clean It Up

The winter months can make your home feel a bit drab. You haven’t been opening the windows, so the air feels stale, and the backyard is full of sticks and dead leaves that blew in with the snow. It’s time to give everything a deep cleaning. Dust all the areas you usually forget – like the baseboards and door frames – scrub the tile grout, and wash the carpets. 

Outside, rake up leaves and sticks, fill in any dead spots in the yard, and start to prepare some flower beds. It’s often worth hiring professional cleaners and landscapers to handle these tasks. The money you pay for these services can help sell your home quickly.

Get Rid of Your Clutter

Homes get especially cluttered during winter when bad weather forces you to stay inside. Your entryway is likely crowded with boots and mismatched gloves. The toys are constantly scattered about, and you’re having a hard time stuffing all of the winter clothes into your drawers. Potential homebuyers don’t like to see this clutter, so start packing your boxes. You might be able to store these things in the basement or attic, but it’s also wise to rent a storage unit until you’ve sold the home and are able to move into your new home.

Additionally, think about ways to manage clutter on a daily basis. Once the home’s on the market, you never know when someone will want to see it, so it’s smart to have baskets or other solutions to quickly toss things that would seem unsightly.

Minimize Personal Touches

Homebuyers want a home that looks put-together, but they also want to be able to visualize their own family living in the home. Take away the things that make your home feel a little too personal, like large collections of family photos. If the walls seem to empty after removing these photos, consider hanging a piece of art. You can find affordable wall art at most stores that sell home goods.

Getting Your Home Ready for Spring Selling Season in Edmonton DIY Project Image

Complete Modest DIY Projects

Look for small projects you can do that make a big difference to the look and feel of the home. For instance, you might replace outdated cabinet pulls, paint walls a colour that has broad appeal, or seal the driveway. Things like this won’t take much time or money, but will definitely make your home more attractive.

Work with a Qualified Realtor to Price Your Home Right

Setting your home at the right price is the perfect way to generate interest and secure a quick sale. Too many homeowners make the mistake of overestimating the value of their homes. A good real estate agent will carefully look at comparable homes to determine the right price for your home. There’s rarely an apples-to-apples comparison. The home down the street from yours might be the same size as yours, but if you’ve remodelled your bathrooms, you should be able to fetch a higher price. 

On the other hand, a home that looks just like yours might be worth more if it’s in a better neighbourhood. Only a qualified professional can help you work out these comparisons to set the price.

Time Your Sell

While the spring selling season is generally a good time to put your home on the market, you may want to go even further toward timing the sale of your home. For instance, families often try to time their move during the early part of summer, so they’re usually shopping for homes in May. That’s a good time to put your four-bedroom, 2,500 square foot home on the market. 

Smaller homes might sell earlier (when first-time homebuyers are looking for the best deals) or later in spring (after parents looking to downsize have sold their large family homes.) Again, your real estate agent can help you pick a good time to start listing your home.

In general, the Edmonton housing market is stable. A home that’s priced right will eventually sell. If you want to increase your chances, though, work hard to make your home shine and work with the professionals who can sell your home as quickly as possible.

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