7 Handy Home Hacks Every Parent Should Know

April 25, 2017

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Sometimes, it feels like you have to choose between having a home that’s tidy and spending time with your kids. Children can be like mini-tornadoes, wreaking havoc wherever they go. It’s a good thing they’re so cute. Use these hacks to make your life with children a bit easier.

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1. Designated Drop Zones

From diaper bags to backpacks and sports gear, your children often require a lot of supplies wherever they go. By creating a good “drop zone” near the entryway, you’ll be able to contain the clutter and avoid last-minute scrambles for a missing shoe when you need to get out the door. Give each member of the family a labeled place to put their things. Shoe racks, hooks, baskets, and other items like this can help keep everything separate and organized. Plus, it makes for a much quicker exit the next morning!

2. Double Duty Dishwasher

Dishwashers are certainly a time-saver, but they clean far more than just dishes. You can actually use them to clean things like toys and shoes as well. Since the water’s so hot, you’ll also be disinfecting these items.

3. Make Hand-Washing Easier for Little Ones

Small hands might not be able to reach the water stream from the faucet, but you don’t always have the time to lift your child up to wash their hands. Instantly fix this problem by creating a shampoo or lotion bottle faucet extender. You simply hook it up underneath the faucet and it directs the water to a place where your child can more easily reach it. Alternatively, choose a faucet style that isn’t so close to the back edge of the sink.

4. Reduce Cup Consumption

It’s good to drink water throughout the day, but all those cups make for a lot of dish-washing. Instead, give each child a designated cup to use throughout the day. Make it easier by placing a small magnet on a plastic cup so that it will stick to the fridge. If magnets won’t work, consider hanging your cups using Command Strips.

5. Prepare for Destruction

As you already know, kids make messes and you constantly have to be prepared to clean anything. Magic Erasers work well for getting crayon and marker off the walls, but you might need other supplies to effectively clean the carpets. With a well-stocked cleaning closet, you won’t be phased by anything.

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6. Put Clutter Baskets Around the Home

If you want to keep your home clean, everything needs to have its place. Toys and books often get left around the home, but you don’t always have time to put things away. Instead, keep clutter baskets in each room. When you want to clean, put anything that doesn’t belong in that room into this basket. Once a week, go through the baskets and return the items where they belong. As your children get older, they can each have their own clutter basket and can clean baskets by themselves.

7. Keep Kids Contained

Open-concept living areas are perfect for helping the family stay connected. However, young children can still get into trouble when you’re not looking. Keep your toddlers entertained by putting them into an inflatable pool filled with toys instead of water. You can prep meals or clean up knowing that they aren’t getting into trouble.

It’s often the little things that make a home better for everyday living. It can take hardly any time at all to incorporate some of these ideas – easily worth it for the time you’ll gain. Instead of feeling like you’re just following your kids around with a mop in hand, you’ll be able to join in on the fun and spend quality time with them.

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