Two Home Styles That Keep Your Family Connected

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July 19, 2017

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For many families, staying close together is how they choose to live. For example, those with parents that like to travel may appreciate living in close proximity so they can keep an eye on their parent’s home while they’re gone. Large, multi-generational families may prefer to take ownership of two or more homes in the same neighbourhood – allowing them to visit frequently but maintain privacy. 

Edmonton’s best builders have recognized the need for close-knit families to stay together. Here are a few brand new home styles you may want to consider for your family dynamic. 

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Townhomes offer a connected and more compact way of living that boasts less maintenance. Since a townhome development consists of three to four connected units, these models are sure to give your family the option to remain close.  

Family Friendly Choice

A townhouse is ideal for someone who is either downsizing or purchasing their first home – which is what makes them popular for multi-generational families. Not to mention, you get more square footage than you would living in a condo and you may even look forward to no condo fees when working with the right builder.  

Less Maintenance, More Room

Having a low maintenance home means you’ll have little to take care of when it comes to your outdoor space and plenty of square footage within your unit. What’s more, townhomes often come with garages, ensuring you’ll have even more space for vehicles and storage.

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Duplexes are dual attached units that offer nearly the same amount of room as single-family homes. The models can include flex rooms, dens, walk-through pantries and more. And, just a like a townhome, a duplex also comes with half the maintenance. 

A Place For Everyone

As we mentioned above, duplexes include ample amounts of space and, depending on the model, a flex room. This is the perfect way to include a playroom, home office or even an extra bedroom for overnight guests. Duplexes also typically feature large great rooms and kitchen areas where you can host family gatherings with ease. 

Garages and Outdoor Space

If you own multiple vehicles, garage space will no doubt be a priority. Duplexes typically feature single or double front attached garages with ample amounts of driveway space. Front attached models are also known to feature additional conveniences such as mudrooms just off the garage entryway as well as plenty of outdoor features such as patios, decks and full-size backyards. 

Even with a larger family, this home style may be worth considering. Offering the perfect blend of connectivity and privacy, duplexes are a popular choice for growing families who want to stay close. 

In short, if you have a desire to live near family but would prefer not to live all under one roof, you might want to consider a townhome or duplex option. A good builder will be more than willing to assess your needs and help you find the perfect home models for your unique family situation.

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