9 Must-Haves for Your New Kitchen

June 22, 2018

9 Must-Haves for Your New Kitchen Featured Image

When you build your home, you have the opportunity to design a kitchen that completely meets your needs. Some of the best features of today’s kitchens are built into the basic design, but you can always add extra options that appeal most to you. As you look over our suggestions of must-haves, you’ll start to get a complete picture of what your new kitchen could look like. Choose the things that make sense for your family’s lifestyle.

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1. Multi-Purpose Island

Having an island instantly expands the amount of counter space you have in the kitchen, and many of today’s islands go even further by serving a variety of purposes. For instance, with an eating lip, you have a place for casual meals or for the kids to do their homework. The large surface area gives you space for meal prep work and for appetizers when entertaining. Most islands also incorporate storage space with cupboards or deep drawers. 

2. Good Lighting

Good lighting can help you read recipes or tell when the onions have gone translucent. Find ways to include good lighting throughout the space. Track lighting is almost always a good choice because the builder will carefully place the lights to hit all of the hidden areas. Lights under the cabinets can provide a warm glow when you’re not in the kitchen. Many people also like to have a stylish chandelier over the island. At Sterling, you have many choices when it comes to lighting.

3. The Right Sink (or Sinks)

You’ll spend a lot of time at your kitchen sink, so make sure you choose the right one. Those who prefer to hand wash the dishes tend to like double-basin sinks. Those who use the dishwasher tend to prefer a single, large basin. If you’re shorter or taller than average, you may want to look at the height of the sink to be sure you won’t have to stand in an awkward position every time you use it.

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4. High-End Appliances

Since you’ll need new appliances anyway, you might as well buy the latest and greatest. A lot of buyers today prefer stainless steel because they have such a sleek look. They’re prone to fingerprints, though, so if you have young children, it’s wise to look for the fingerprint-resistant models. Consider getting smart appliances. They’re a bit more expensive but can offer some convenience. For instance, the refrigerator can tell you when the temperature got too high during a power outage or when you need to replace its water filter. You can pre-heat your smart oven without leaving the living room.

5. Deep Drawers

Today’s homeowners are looking for deep drawers in the kitchen. They’re sometimes called pots-and-pans drawers because people tend to use them for storing larger cookware rather than stacking these things up in a cupboard. However, they also come in handy for storing other things in the kitchen, like Tupperware containers, dishes, and cooking utensils. Ask your builder to include some of these in the kitchen island and around the stove.

6. Slide-Out Trash Can Cupboard

You don’t want your garbage to be front and centre. Even a stylish can with a lid can look awkward. Instead, your kitchen plan should include a slide out cabinet that’s big enough to hold the garbage can. Many styles have enough space to include two garbage cans – one for garbage and one for recyclables. This hidden garbage just gives your kitchen a nicer feel.

7. Walk-Through Pantry

You’ll also want enough space to store your food. Young professionals or retired couples may be able to get by with a small pantry, but families tend to prefer larger walk-through pantries. These pantries connect the kitchen to the mudroom, so it’s easy to bring in the groceries and put them away. It can also house your small kitchen appliances! 

8. USB Outlets

With USB outlets, you don’t have to bring the bulky charging port from room to room. You simply plug in your phone or tablet. Having these in the kitchen is especially nice for those times when you want to charge your phone while still having it handy in case someone calls. You can also easily be charging the device that has all the tunes you want to play while cooking.

9. A Style You Like

The kitchen cabinets and countertops often have a prominent place in today’s open-concept living areas. You need to carefully select styles you love, whether that’s the modern look of flat-panel cabinets or the classic look of shaker-style. Quartz countertops are both beautiful and durable, and they come in a variety of looks. You’ll also be able to select a tile backsplash pattern, and this can really set the tone for the room. Fortunately, when you choose Sterling as your builder, you’re able to get some professional design advice in the designQ design centre.

Kitchen renovations can be costly, so carefully consider your options as you build your home. By sticking with classic styles you like and incorporating a few of the latest trends, you’ll create a kitchen you love to spend time in.

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