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November 2, 2018

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Whether you currently have children or are thinking about having them in the future, you want to choose a location where your children can get the best education possible. And, if you’ve been considering North Edmonton as an area you’d like to settle in and call home, you’ll be pleased to know it has a lot to offer students! No matter what type of educational style you prefer and what your child’s unique needs are, there’s a school in the North Edmonton area that will meet those needs.

Neighbourhood Schools

Each of Sterling’s communities has a designated neighbourhood school. When you live in the community, your child is guaranteed a spot at that school. This is the free, traditional choice for most parents, and one of the biggest benefits is that many of the other children in the neighbourhood go to the same one, so your children will easily make friends who live nearby.

Occasionally, parents prefer a different public school in the area. They may want their child to continue their education at the school they started before moving to the new community, or they may prefer the philosophy at a different school. If that school is not at capacity, the school may allow parents outside the designated area to petition for a place at that school. Since North Edmonton is still a growing area, this is often a possibility.

Some of the neighbourhood schools associated with Sterling’s communities in North Edmonton are:

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Catholic Schools

Edmonton has a large number of schools offering a fine education steeped in the Catholic tradition, and many parents prefer to send their children to these schools. They usually offer affordable tuition and the chance for children to make friends who share their faith. As with the neighbourhood schools, most kids will attend the Catholic school that’s closest to their neighbourhood, though some parents choose a different school.

Some of the Catholic schools near Sterling’s North Edmonton communities are:

Private Schools

Private schools are also an option for those who want something different for their children. Progressive Academy, for instance, uses the study tech philosophy. Edmonton Islamic Academy offers a challenging academic environment interwoven with teachings of the Islamic faith. Crestwood Montessori is only for children who are between three and six years of age, but it sets a good foundation for learning. 

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Language Immersion and Bilingual Schools

If you want to give your child a leg up when it comes to speaking another language, you’ll want to consider putting them in a language immersion program. Studies show that people who learn a language from a young age tend to become fluent more easily than those who start later. Delwood SchoolDickinsfield School, and Ross Sheppard School, for instance, all have French immersion programs, and these are naturally a popular choice for parents in Edmonton. There are also bilingual schools for those interested in other languages, including Chinese, Arabic, and German.

International Baccalaureate Schools

If you want your child to be in an incredibly rigorous academic program, an International Baccalaureate school is the right choice for you. They use an inquiry-based model where children are allowed to work in small groups on projects of their own choosing. In the North Edmonton area, M.E. LaZerte SchoolMcNally School both have IB programs.

Other Specialty Schools

Your child may have unique interests or needs, and there may be another school out there that meets those needs. The Victoria School of the Performing and Visual Arts is incredibly popular, though it can be hard to get into (it also has an IB program). Children here can focus on their artistic side while still taking on traditional academics. The Ross Sheppard School has a special program for elite athletes competing on a national level. They can adjust their schedules to incorporate academics and an intensive athletic training program. 

Some schools – including McArthur SchoolBannerman School, and Highlands School – even have special programs for kids who have learning differences despite having average or above-average intelligence. The “Find A School” tool on the Edmonton Public Schools website is helpful for identifying these types of special programs.

Finding the right school for your child is extremely important. While many children can succeed in a traditional program, some parents know that their child needs something different from the typical neighbourhood school. Fortunately, you have plenty of options in the North Edmonton area.

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