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January 25, 2019

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Edmonton has a strong public and private school system, and most families in the city are pleased with the options they have for their children. If you’re looking at Sterling’s communities in the Southeast Edmonton area, though, you’ll want to read up on the offerings.

As you may know, each home has a designated neighbourhood school where each child is guaranteed a spot. However, parents are often able to petition other local schools when it seems like there might be a better fit elsewhere.

Consider sending your children to one of these schools in the southeast area.

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Jan Reimer School

The Jan Reimer School is a closed-boundary school, which means that it only accepts students from its designated areas. Those who live in the Orchards community would attend this school.

It offers a traditional learning environment with a strong focus on developing academic skills while celebrating diversity and the different experiences that each student brings. With classes from kindergarten through ninth grade, it’s easy to see how this is a popular choice among parents.

Father Michael Mireau

Those who are looking for a Catholic education close to the Orchards community often turn to the Father Michael Mireau school. It’s a K-9 school where teachers have high expectations of students and strive to make sure that each student feels welcomed and loved. The school prides itself in being able to meet the needs of children with various learning styles, and there are a lot of extracurricular activities, including a STEAM makerspace.

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Svend Hansen School

Convenient to those who live in the Laurel Crossing community, but currently open to anyone, the Svend Hansen School is a K-9 school whose goals include using the district’s Cornerstone Values – Accountability, Collaboration, Equity, and Integrity – to teach students in a way that helps them become better citizens. Teachers strive to build strong relationships with their students to help each child reach his or her potential.

Millwoods Christian School

The Millwoods Christian School provides students with an education steeped in the evangelical Christian faith. They are committed to building students’ academic skills while also preparing students’ hearts for service to God and community. The school is a K-12 school with AP offerings, so students can spend all of their school years in the same close-knit community.

Minchau School

The Minchau School offers a traditional educational program with a few unique specialties. They have programs designed to help students with average to above-average intelligence combined with severe learning disabilities succeed. There are also special programs for children who deal with behavioural challenges. Parents of students in this school can feel confident their children are in good hands.

A. Blair McPherson School

A. Blair McPherson is an inclusive school that focuses on inspiring passionate learning in its students. Teachers will work with students as individuals to find teaching methods that will work best. Everyone here believes that all students have something to contribute to the community. Staff and students also embrace technology and the way that it allows us to connect as global citizens.

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Mary Hanley Catholic Elementary School

The Mary Hanley School is a small Catholic school where students can get the individualized attention they deserve. Teachers take great care to foster growth in academic, social, emotional, and spiritual areas. There’s a strong music program, and students love having classes in the outdoor classroom.

Velma Baker School

Named after a respected Edmonton Public Schools custodian, the Velma Baker school works hard toward creating a community based on kindness. The motto is “Growing into Greatness”, and teachers inspire students to help others by “being bucket-fillers,” as in the popular book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today”. You’ll definitely feel comfortable sending your child to this K-6 school.

Tipaskan School

The Tipaskan School offers full-day kindergarten, and parents appreciate the French-as-a-second-language options. Teachers hold students to high standards in this K-6 school, and students are able to take on leadership positions through the Leader in Me program.

One of the highlights of this school is its ability to work with and understand children who are on the autism spectrum.

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Crawford Plains School

If you’re looking for French-immersion, Crawford Plains School is likely to be the best choice for you. It’s convenient for those in Tamarack Common or Laurel Crossing, and students are able to develop their French language skills in addition to other academic knowledge. The program has just recently started, so it’s only available to those who are newly registering.

J. Percy Page

J. Percy Page is the area’s public high school, and it offers its students a variety of opportunities. In additional to traditional and AP classes, the school offers Career Technology Studies in programs such as aviation, computer science, and mechanics. They even have an apprenticeship program for those who are interested in learning a trade.

Rising Scholars Montessori

If you’re looking for a somewhat academic experience for the preschool years, you’ll want to check out the Rising Scholars Montessori school. It uses the traditional Montessori method, which includes mixed-age classrooms. Students are taught how to interact with the learning materials. The hands-on approaches to everything from language and literacy to math and science tends to develop a firm foundation for further studies. It’s in the Ellerslie area, so convenient to those in the Orchards.

Clearly, anyone who chooses the Southeast Edmonton area has plenty of options when it comes to schooling. If one of these schools stands out as a good fit for your child, it’s smart to select a community that’s nearby.

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