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September 3, 2018

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If you choose to call Southwest Edmonton home, you’re sure to be pleased with the sheer variety of schools available for your children. Whether you’re focused on finding a strong academic program, fluency in a second language, or something special to meet your child’s unique needs, you can find it among Southwest Edmonton’s fine schools.

Neighbourhood/Designated Schools

Each home in Edmonton has an associated neighbourhood school or designated school. This is a traditional public school, and in many cases, it’s the school closest to the home. Sometimes, kids are even able to walk there. Because it’s your designated school, your child is guaranteed a spot.

However, some schools will accept students even when it’s not their designated school. Parents might be attracted to the smaller class sizes in a brand-new school, or they might want their child to finish the last few years of elementary in the school they’ve been attending after moving to a new neighbourhood. Additionally, while most public elementary schools offer a classical education using the latest theories of how children learn, a few take different approaches. 

For instance, the Johnny Bright School has a technology-driven environment with project-based learning and the Michael Kostek School uses an inquiry-based style. Some of the neighbourhood schools for homes in Sterling’s communities are:

You can easily see which school would be your designated school using the district’s Find a School Tool.

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Catholic Schools

If you want your child to receive an education based on the Catholic faith, you’ll find there are almost as many options for Catholic schools as there are public. Their system is similar to the public system, where each neighbourhood has a designated school, and you can petition to have your child attend a different one if you prefer. This might come into play if you want to take advantage of any special programs they have, such as the apprenticeship programs at St. Francis Xavier High School.

You can check out other Catholic schools using their search feature

Other Private Schools

Some families prefer private schools for a variety of reasons, and the Southwest Edmonton area has a few private schools to choose from. For instance, Tempo School offers a rigorous academic environment with small class sizes. The Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton goes up to ninth grade and teaches children in a holistic style.

Edmonton Academy accepts students of average to above-average intelligence with diagnosed learning disabilities from third through twelfth grade. The small class sizes (6:1 in language arts and math classes) combined with special programs that suit the needs of these learners offer more opportunities for success than you’d find in a traditional school setting.

Language Immersion and Bilingual Schools

Ensuring your child is fluent in more than one language is the perfect way to set him or her up for success. Experts agree childhood is the best time to learn a second language, so consider putting your child in a school with a language immersion or bilingual focus. There are a few French immersion schools, such as Greenfield School and Richard Secord School. However, Southwest Edmonton is also home to schools with bilingual programs, such as the Arabic program at Malmo School and the German program at Rideau Park School. There are also schools that offer Chinese, Hebrew, and American Sign Language.

International Baccalaureate Schools

Schools with International Baccalaureate (IB) programs tend to offer a rigorous academic environment. Students are allowed to take control of their own education, and often work together on projects using an inquiry-based model – and Southwest Edmonton is home to some notable IB high schools such as Lillian Osborne and Harry Ainlay School. The Harry Ainlay School is also a French immersion school, so you get the best of both worlds there.

Other Specialty Schools

Some children need something special, and Southwest Edmonton may have schools that fit those unique needs. For instance, Westbrook School and Vernon Barford School offer challenge programs for gifted and high-achieving students. Schools with a Cogito program like the Richard Secord School place a high emphasis on academic achievement in a strictly structured environment. If you’re interested in a specific type of programming for your child, it’s best to explore all of the schools throughout the city of Edmonton to find the one that’s the best fit.

There’s no doubt there are a variety of educational opportunities for families in the Southwest Edmonton area. If this is where you’re thinking about building your new home, you’ll have an easy time finding a great school for your child.

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