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October 6, 2017

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When it comes time to look for your new dream home, it’s easy to get caught up in the look and feel. With the diverse array of home models, floor plans, features, and finishes available, it’s hard not to! But, it’s also important to keep the more functional components in mind. 

One such component includes the home’s mechanical systems – because these systems play a crucial role in your overall happiness, you’ll want to know what’s being offered. That being said, all builders are expected to adhere to material, building, and safety standards, but their specifications aren’t always readily available for prospective home buyers. 

At Sterling Homes, we prefer to let homeowners know exactly what they can expect from our homes. And here’s what you can expect from our mechanical systems: 

Terms to know: 


  • Low E glass – This refers to a coating placed on glass (windows) to reduce heat loss in the winter and UV rays in the summer – all while maintaining the same amount of natural light. 
  • Argon Gas (filled spaces in windows) – Good builders will often choose windows with argon gas sealed between the panes. Non-toxic and odourless, argon is known to boost energy efficiency, improve soundproofing, and prevent frost build-up.
  • FV sensor – Flammable vapour sensor. A safety sensor that detects flammable vapours outside the hot water tanks. 
  • Pex water lines – “Pex” is a type of tubing used on pulling systems thought to be far superior to metal or plastic. It doesn’t corrode or develop holes and is resistant to scaling. 

Sterling Specifications: Your Mechanical Systems Electrical Outlet Image


  • Arc fault protected – Arc faults occur when electricity discharges and creates heat – potentially leading to an electrical fire. A system that’s arc fault protected ensures the circuit breaker will trip in order to prevent such issues. 
  • CAT5 (telephone outlets) – The type of cable used for voice and phone systems.
  • RG6 (cable outlets) – The type of cable used for television signals.  
  • Heating and Ventilation: 
  • Single-stage – Single stage furnaces (also known as single speed furnaces) disperse the maximum amount of heat the system is designed for. It runs quickly and at capacity until it meets the desired temperature, then shuts off. 
  • Setback thermostat – This type of system allows homeowners to pre-program different settings during the night and work day. 

Sterling Plumbing

  • Kitchen Sink: A double compartment Silgranit sink – not only is this easy to clean, but it looks great with any colour you put in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen Faucet: Moen “Align” chrome single lever faucet with shut-off valve.
  • Bathroom Sinks: White china basin – this is a great look for people who want to have flexibility in designing their bathroom.
  • Bathroom Sink Faucets: Moen “Chateau” chrome single lever faucet (or equal) with shut-off valve.
  • Main Bathtubs: Hytec one-piece gelcoat fibreglass tub/shower in white.
  • Water Closet: White china bowl, low flush toilet with shut-off valve.
  • Shower Stalls (as per plan): Hytec one-piece gelcoat fibreglass in white, or acrylic base in white with tiled walls. The shower stalls have a vinyl or tiled look depending on what you prefer. 
  • Ensuite Soaker Tubs (if applicable): Moen “Chateau” chrome with pressure balancing valve and matching showerhead.
  • Window Glazing: All windows are maintenance-free, triple pane with Low E glass with two Argon gas-filled spaces.
  • Shower Faucet (if applicable): Moen “Chateau” chrome with pressure balancing valve and matching showerhead.
  • Shower Door (if applicable): Chrome trim with clear or obscure glass depending on your preference. 
  • Pedestal Sink: Pedestal Sink in white as per plan with shut-off valve.
  • Water Heater: You can look forward to a power direct vented, Energy Star qualified, FV sensor free, 48 US Gallon hot water tank (65 US gallon electric hot water tank in townhomes only).
  • Water Lines: Pex water lines or equal, with a trunk-and-branch system throughout. The waterline is plumbed directly to the fridge.
  • Laundry: One set of hot and cold laundry taps with a washer drain (as per plan). In addition, there is a washing bin for any miscellaneous needs in the laundry room.
  • Lawn Service: One frost-free outlet installed. Location on plans is approximate and may vary due to site conditions.
  • Basement: Rough-in for future bathroom. Located as per plan.
  • Attached Garage: Rough-in “T” in the gas line for future use in all single-family, double attached garages.

Sterling Heating and Ventilation

  • Furnace: 95.1% single-stage high-efficiency, gas-fired furnace. The furnace location is noted on the plans as approximate and may vary on individual homes to accommodate site conditions. Not only will it heat your home quickly, but it will be energy efficient during the process. This is a huge cost-saving feature, especially during the winter.
  • Power Vacuuming: All furnace ducting will be power vacuumed prior to possession. This ensures no dust or debris when you turn on your systems. 
  • Thermostat: Programmable setback thermostat, allowing you program specific settings and save on your utility bills. 
  • Hoodfan Venting: Builder standard black. Direct vent to the exterior.
  • Bath and Ventilation fans: Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) System, with control switches in each bathroom.
  • Humidifier: Automatic controlled drip humidifier with humidistat.
  • Registers: PVC white colour.
  • Dryer Exhaust Venting: Complete and ready for hook-up in laundry area

Electrical Systems and Appliances

  • Electrical Service: 100-amp service, with 40/80 circuit breaker panel and wiring throughout.
  • Electrical Panel: The Electrical panel is located in the basement as close as possible to the front of the home. The actual panel location is an on-site decision by Sterling Homes. This gives you easy access when needed.
  • Standard Plugs: Complete with arc fault protection, as per electrical code.
  • Switches and Plugs: All switches and plugs are Decora style in white. Kitchen and bathroom plugs will be GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected as per electrical code. Walk-through pantry (if applicable) includes a motion sensor switch. Outlets arc fault protected as per electrical code.
  • USB Plug: One built-in double USB port outlet in the kitchen, as per plan.
  • Exterior Wall Plugs: Two exterior weatherproof GFI receptacles as per plan, without a switch. Arc fault protected as per electrical code.
  • Attached Garage (if applicable): Two wall-mounted duplex receptacles and two switched Keyless lights in the ceiling in all double garages, one of each in single garages. Additional plug outlet installed in the ceiling to be used for garage door opener. Arc fault protected as per electrical code.
  • Detached Garage (if applicable): Three exterior lights with switches, exterior weatherproof outlet, two-110 volt interior outlets, two interior keyless lights with switch. Arc fault protected as per electrical code.
  • Rear Park Pad (if applicable): One weatherproof outlet mounted on 4”x4” pressure treated post. Arc fault protected as per electrical code.
  • Basement: Three-way switch is installed to the light at bottom of the stairwell. One light switch installed on remaining basement lights, located as per plan.
  • Light Fixtures: “Chrome” light fixture package with energy efficient LED bulbs. The kitchen will include LED flush mount lights with white trim as per plan. Pendant lighting on islands, if applicable.
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Hardwired and inter-connected. Located as per plan.
  • Telephone Outlets: All CAT5 telephone outlets are finished with blank plate covers and the home run to the electrical panel. Located as per plan.
  • Cable Outlets: All RG6 cable outlets are finished with blank plate covers and the home run to electrical panel location. Located as per plan.

As we mentioned, the mechanical systems in your home play a vital role in ensuring your family’s overall happiness for many years to come. As part of the Sterling Advantage, we believe in letting you know exactly what to expect from our systems. Drop by for a visit to see how we can make a difference in your new home buying experience. 

Looking for more information on Sterling specifications? Check out our specifications page, or our previous post on exterior and framing

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