Sterling Specifications: Paint, Drywall and Insulation

January 12, 2018

Sterling Specifications: Paint, Drywall and Insulation Featured Image

Getting information from some builders about how they build their homes can be like pulling teeth. Fortunately, when you build with Sterling Homes, you never have to wonder what’s behind the walls. We always use high-quality products and techniques in the homes we build, and this is true even in the little details like the paint, drywall, and insulation. And, since we believe it’s important to tell buyers exactly what our homes are made of, we’d like to tell you a little more.

Terms to Know:

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – Present in some building materials, VOCs create an unwelcome odour and have a negative impact on the air quality in the home. Sterling’s products are VOC-free.

R-Value – A term that refers to how easy it is for heat to go through a form of insulation. The higher the number, the more difficult it is for heat to pass. R-values are written like “R30”.

Blown Cellulose – A type of insulation typically made from recycled paper. It’s a popular choice because it’s environmentally friendly, very effective, and pest resistant.

Batt Insulation – The more traditional form of insulation. Usually pink, it comes in large sheets.

Sterling Specifications: Paint, Drywall and Insulation Painting Image

Sterling Paint

Sterling uses high-quality paints to give your home a look that shines. Learn more about what to expect when it comes to the paint on your walls.

  • Colour: The standard package includes your choice of one colour for the walls and one colour for the trim work. It’s possible to choose additional colours, such as an accent wall, but there are additional charges for this.
  • Interior Paint: One coat of primer and two finish coats of VOC free 100% acrylic eggshell on all wall areas. Some darker colours have an additional cost because they require an extra coat.
  • Interior Trims: All interior paint grade finishes are sprayed with semi-gloss paint. This finish applies to doors, window and door casings, baseboards, and stub wall capping.
  • Basement Stairs and Walls: All unfinished stairs to basement and basement floors will remain unpainted.

Sterling Insulation and Drywall

The home’s drywall creates the walls you see, but energy-efficient insulation inside the walls is what helps keep you warm. You’ll also find insulation in the attic and in other areas where the cold air might seep in. Expect the following specifications.

  • Exterior House Walls: R20 fibreglass friction fit batt insulation. This batt insulation will fill the space between the drywall and the exterior of the home.
  • Foam Sealant: Low expanding foam sealant around all window and door openings. This seals up any cracks that could affect the home’s airtightness.
  • Basement Insulation: Full height R20 fibreglass batt insulation.
  • Attic Insulation: R50 loose fill blown cellulose or equal material. Vaulted areas have R34 batt insulation or better. Higher R-values in the attic are because this is where homes are more likely to lose their heat.
  • Vapor Barrier/Caulking: 6-mil poly on outside walls and on the ceiling. Poly pans (plastic boots) as required on all exterior and ceiling fixture outlets. Vapor barriers prevent moisture from entering the home.
  • Attic Hatch or Access: Insulated hatch located as per plan. The attic hatch can allow heat to escape. This plan might include caulking the hatch shut to improve energy efficiency.
  • Walls: ½” standard drywall on all developed house walls taped and sanded with a three-coat application.
  • Corners: 90 degree square corner application.
  • Ceilings: ½” High-Density CD board with white spray-textured ceilings throughout the home. CD stands for “controlled density.” This type of drywall used for ceilings is sturdier to prevent sagging.
  • Attached Garage: R20 fibreglass friction fit batt insulation in exterior walls, R34 in attic areas, and R28 underdeveloped areas. Garage walls are covered with ½” drywall over 6 mil poly, and one coat of tape, no sanding. ½” High-Density CD board used on attic/ceiling, as per plan.
  • Rim Boards: Used to create the flooring. OSB rim board with two lb. closed cell polyurethane spray foam. Continuous R20 rating.

When you purchase a Sterling home, you can feel confident that the materials in your home will stand the test of time. We know sometimes the terminology can seem technical, but we believe in being open and upfront about each and every detail regarding our homes. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you have – we want to offer our customers a product they understand and that will exceed their expectations.

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