Style Guide: Types of Sterling Edmonton Homes

December 23, 2021

Style Guide: Types of Sterling Edmonton Homes - Featured Image

As you start to think about buying a new home, one of the most important things to consider is the style of home you want to live in. With that in mind, we’ve put together this new home style guide to help you on your way.

After all, without careful planning and consideration, you could end up in a home that just isn’t right for your family. You could end up paying too much for extra space and features you’ll never use or you wind up in a home that’s too small or doesn’t have everything you need.

At Sterling Homes, we offer home styles to suit any kind of buyer, from young couples or individuals looking for their first homes to large properties with multiple bedrooms that are ideal for growing families and even multi-generational families. No matter what stage of life you’re in, we have something for you.

So! Let’s take a closer look at this style guide, and check out the home styles we offer so you can find the perfect one for you.

Style Guide: Types of Sterling Edmonton Homes - Townhome Image


Townhomes are usually two or three stories and built in rows of three or more homes. The homes are connected to each other on either one or two walls, depending on the placement. They tend to range in size from about 1,200 square feet to 1,600 square feet, and modern floor plans typically include all of the features you’re looking for in a home. These would be things like an open-concept living area and the location of the bedrooms on the second floor. The townhomes at either end of the rows are usually a little larger than the ones in the middle with more natural light due to additional windows.

Townhomes may have a small backyard or patio area, however, some may not have a dedicated private space. In these cases, public land owned by the development will give the homeowners many of the advantages of a backyard without the frustrations that come from having to spend a lot of time and money on yard work.

Due to their smaller size and the shared exterior construction materials, townhomes are usually the most affordable type of brand-new home. This is why they’re particularly appealing to first-time homebuyers and investors looking for a lower-cost property to start their portfolio. Townhomes are also popular among retirees who are downsizing because of the lack of exterior maintenance in addition to the lower costs.

Style Guide: Types of Sterling Edmonton Homes - Laned Image

Laned Homes

Laned homes are so named because they’re accessed via a smaller road – a lane or alley – at the back of the home. Some of these homes simply have an open spot for parking at the back of the home, while others have a detached garage.

The current trend for single-family homes is to have an attached garage that’s prominently featured at the front of the home. Some people simply don’t like this look, though. Instead, they appreciate the picture-perfect design of a laned home.

Our laned homes have plenty of living space, and they include many top features, such as a mudroom and a master suite. Most have options for finishing the basement for additional living space or investment opportunities.

Laned homes are usually built on smaller lots because they don’t have large backyards. This makes them more affordable than large family homes, and a convenient option for those who don’t want to spend their weekends doing yard work.

Due to their affordability, laned homes are a popular choice for downsizers and young families who are worried about outgrowing the space in a townhome too quickly. They’re a great choice for anyone who’s balancing the need for privacy with the need for something that fits the budget.

Style Guide: Types of Sterling Edmonton Homes - Bungalow Image


Bungalows are single-story homes, but don’t let that fool you! They actually have a surprising amount of space. Most of our bungalows are between 1,200 and 1,700 square feet, and some people choose to finish the basement, giving them as much as 1,000 additional square feet of living space.

Even with extra bedrooms downstairs, the main feature of the bungalow style home is the master suite on the main floor. Typically, the living area is on one side of the home while the sleeping areas are on the other side. Sometimes, the living area is in the middle of the home, with a master suite on one side and additional bedrooms on the other side.

Bungalows are very popular with retirees, especially those who have limited mobility. Single-story living means you don’t have to walk up and down the stairs. And with a smaller size and cost, they’re able to put their money into a few fancy upgrades that showcase their sense of style. 

With the option of extra space in the basement, bungalow homes are also a good choice for families who want to move into their “forever home”. While they might not need the convenience of a single-storey home now, they realize that it might be something they need later on in life.

Style Guide: Types of Sterling Edmonton Homes - Duplex Image


Duplexes are two single-family homes that share one wall. Sharing in the cost of the exterior build makes them slightly more affordable than a detached home. They have an attractive look inside and out, and each family gets around 1,400 square feet (or more!) of living space. Most duplexes have a front-attached garage, which gives you the look and feel of a more traditional single-family home. The interior of duplex homes are spacious, with plenty of room for entertaining.

While there is a perceived lack of privacy with duplex homes, this isn’t the case with today’s design techniques! Advanced building methods ensure great soundproofing and at no point (with Sterling’s duplexes, anyways) are there shared areas like the back porch or front yard – unless you want to.

Many multigenerational families love the idea of a duplex because they can purchase both sides of the build. So the parents purchase one side and the adult children purchase the other side. This gives both families the privacy they want while still allowing them to be close to each other for things like meals, special occasions and holiday get-togethers. 

Duplexes are also a popular choice for investors who want more than one property but appreciate the convenience of having their properties in one location. In fact, it’s possible to turn the basement of each side of the duplex into a legal suite. This gives you four rentable properties on the same piece of land.

Style Guide: Types of Sterling Edmonton Homes - Front Attached Image

Front-Attached Homes

As the name implies, front-attached homes are ones with the garage attached to the front of the home. This is a big convenience when it comes to managing the harsh winters we get in Edmonton. Families can easily go from the garage to the mudroom, dropping off all their muddy boots, backpacks, and sports equipment. 

Front-attached homes are usually over 1,600 square feet, and with a finished basement, you could have almost 3,000 square feet of living space. This extra square footage means there’s space for things like a home office, a second living room, a spice kitchen, and more. Almost anything you want can be found in a front-attached home. These homes also tend to be built on larger lots with big backyards, the perfect choice for those with kids.

Front-attached homes are the go-to choice for growing families who want a lot of space in their homes. They’re also popular with multigenerational families, especially when they’ve created a separate living space in the basement for the grandparents. They tend to be at the high end of pricing out of all of the options, but there are definitely ways to fit a front-attached home into almost everyone’s budget.

Style Guide: Types of Sterling Edmonton Homes - Evolve Image

Evolve Homes

At Sterling, we’ve listened carefully to what our customers need, and we’ve created a special line of homes just for you. The Evolve line allows you to get everything you’ve been looking for in a brand-new home but at a more affordable price and generally with a faster move-in date.

What could be better?!

To do this, we pre-plan these homes and their design elements and we build these in very specific locations. Building several homes next to each other allows us to streamline the building process, and we’re able to pass those savings onto you. While you may have fewer options when it comes to the floor plan or some design choices, rest assured we design our Evolve homes using the most popular options. And unless it’s a spec build, you will still have time to make some of the design choices in the interior of the home from preselected colour board options.

Our Evolve homes are perfect for those who are looking for a great deal on a brand-new home. The types of home owners who love our Evolve line want all the benefits of a brand new home, at a faster timeline and a cheaper price. Plus, they do include the new home warranty, just like every other home we build. 

As you can see, no matter what your living situation is and what type of home you’re looking for, Sterling has a home model that’s perfectly designed to fit your needs. We build in a wide variety of communities and neighbourhoods throughout Edmonton, so get in touch with us today. One of our Area Managers can help you find the perfect home in a location that’s right for you.

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