8 Things to Do Around Allard

December 13, 2017

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Found in the bustling Heritage Valley section of southwest Edmonton, the community of Allard is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Part of the appeal is developers have worked especially hard to be sure there are a wide variety of nearby amenities. Often, residents are even able to walk to their destinations. Future plans include an LRT station and a Main Street-style shopping area, but you can enjoy the following amenities as soon as you move in.

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1. Go to School

One of the main reasons families love this neighbourhood is that there’s a school within walking distance. The new Allard elementary school is for children in kindergarten through ninth grade, and it just opened in fall of 2017. Older students will be able to bike or walk on their own, and many families appreciate the opportunity to get some exercise by walking their kids to school in the morning. As a brand-new school, you’ll feel comfortable knowing the building is up to modern standards.

2. Shop ‘Til You Drop

Allard residents are able to walk to the Heritage Valley Town Centre. At the moment, this spot has a Super Store, Joe Fresh, a gas station, and a Shopper’s Drug Mart. There are plans to build more stores, though, but if that’s not enough, all the major retailers are in nearby South Common. Those who live in Allard will be happy they chose the location when they did.

3. Be Playful 

The playgrounds set in the community of Allard promise to offer fun for all ages. There are climbing structures, slides, swings, and all of the other pieces of equipment your child loves. Best of all, some of the large roofs on the structure can protect your child from the hot sun in the summers. This is a great place to meet up with other families so your kids can make friends.

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4. Get Active

If your older kids are too cool for a playground, they’ll love the sports fields next to the playground. These are open spaces where neighbourhood kids can play a pick-up game of any sport they like. Bring your own balls, and you’re sure to find several other kids ready to join in. They may even want to set up a regular time to meet for games. Life in Allard makes it easy for your kids to stay healthy and active.

5. Take a Hike

Southwest Edmonton is a beautiful area, and those who live in Allard enjoy all of the natural beauty that surrounds their homes. There are 27 acres of parks and 6.4 acres of wetlands. You’re also quite close to the popular Blackmud Creek Ravine. These locations are ideal for those who enjoy getting some fresh air. You’ll love taking the family on nature hikes throughout all of the seasons. 

6. Lace Up Your Skates

Residents of Allard can take advantage of the outdoor skating rink nearby. Use depends on the weather, but it usually opens up the first week of December and stays open throughout the winter. There’s a small area for changing into skates, but you need to bring your own. You can stop by to use it for fun, but it’s also available for team play. If your child has a winter birthday, consider renting the space for a fun birthday activity.

7. Dine Out

The Heritage Valley area is teeming with restaurants. Most are found on Ellerslie Road and 23 Avenue NW. You might try some Japanese favourites at Nomiya, enjoy the buffet lunch or dinner at the chic Indian restaurant Zaika Bistro, or grab some beer and pub food at South Common. With the wide variety available, you’re sure to find something to please every palette. 

8. Join the Community

The Blackmud Creek Community League is open to residents of Allard in addition to residents of a few other nearby neighbourhoods. The group plans several different social events throughout the year like BBQs and holiday parties. Members also get free use of the YMCA pool. At only $35 for a family membership, you’ll find membership in the league is a good deal.

As you’ve seen, the homes aren’t the only thing that’s great about living in Allard. Residents get to enjoy a tight-knit community with a ton of amenities. Best of all, there’s a lot more planned for the future. Stop by any of our Allard show homes to see what this neighbourhood has to offer your family.

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