Things to Consider When Doing a Lot Hold

September 28, 2018

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When you’re building a new home, your lot choice is almost as important as the design of the home itself. Once you’ve decided on a community and home model, it’s time to select a lot and place a hold to secure it. As you consider your lot choices, here are a few tips:

Lot Orientation

Look at the way the lot is oriented, and think about how your home will sit. Make sure the rooms where you will spend the most time face the direction you prefer, whether it be natural light or backyard. For instance, the side of the home that faces the south will get more sun. You might want plenty of windows on this side so you can take advantage of that natural light and heat. Lot orientation can also determine the view you have from your bedroom or your great room. Will you be looking out over a ravine or onto a playground? These things are important to think about when you make your selection.

Pocket Size

Pocket size determines the width of the home you can build on a particular lot. Homes should match or be less than the pocket size to fit. Community guidelines determine how far the home has to be from the property line, and the home you select has to fit within this “pocket” on the land. Most of the time, the homes built in new Edmonton communities fit almost all available lots. If you like to extra distance between homes, a good way to do that is to select a pocket that’s larger than the home.

Lot Location

Pay attention to where the lot is within the community. If the neighbourhood is in the early stages, you may need to refer to the builder’s design because certain features may not be built yet. Try to choose a lot that’s near the features you want. For instance, some families may want to be close to the community playground, and some may prefer easy access to public transportation. You might prefer a lot that’s close to the entrance to make it easier to get to the highway, or you may want something that’s set far from the entrance because it will be quieter. The lot you choose should match your preferences.

Street Furniture

This is a term used in the industry to name items that are in the front of the lot. Whether it be a telecom pedestal, light post, transformer or a fire hydrant. A light post will illuminate your driveway at night, and a fire hydrant deters people from parking in your front yard. A clean lot will have no furniture. Most lots will have one or multiple of these items, check with your salesperson to identify them.

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Surrounding Homes

Developers often set guidelines for each community to make sure the homes match in style and theme. Check the surrounding homes in the community to see what the overall themes of the homes are. When choosing lots, repetition is set as ACBA, meaning adjacent homes will need to have a different exterior design and colour to the first home. Exterior colours do not need to match your interior, so it is a great way to showcase your favourite colours for the neighbours to see. If you would like full freedom in the exterior design, select a lot that’s away from a neighbour with the colour you like.

Lot Shape and Slope

You’ll find many of the lots in our communities have a fairly uniform look. They’re mostly rectangular, lots in crescents and cul-de-sacs are pie-shaped, which gives a smaller front yard and a big backyard.

Ask the builder about the slope of the land as well. Most of our homes are built on flat, level lots, but you’ll sometimes find a lot that has a slope to it. This might offer better views, but you may need to use special landscaping techniques or a stepped foundation on a sloped lot.


Think about where your entryway will be on the lot you’ve selected. In particular, if you’re looking at home models that have a side entrance, you need to have a lot that’s wide enough to accommodate a pathway leading up to that entrance. Not all will allow this feature, particularly zero lot line lots, these are usually highlighted with a grey box in most developer maps.

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Process Details

Finally, before you put a hold on a lot, you need to fully understand the builder’s rules. Most of the time, a small deposit will be required to secure the space. Ask whether or not you’ll be able to change your mind, and if you’ll lose the deposit if you do. These little details can cause you to have a good or bad experience.

Your lot choice is important, and a good Edmonton builder will help you select a lot that’s right for your family and the home you want to build. Don’t be afraid to ask questions throughout the process. We want you to be happy with your choice, and we’ll work hard to make that happen.

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