The Top 7 Perks of Building a New Home

January 17, 2018

The Top 7 Perks of Building a New Home Featured Image

Choosing whether to build a new home or purchase a resale is one of the biggest decisions home shoppers need to make. While each choice has distinct advantages and disadvantages, we think you’ll soon see why the following perks make a new build a better decision for you and your family. 

1. Customizing to Your Unique Needs

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If you’ve spent any time touring resale homes, you know what it’s like to see homes that don’t meet all your needs. One might have a great location, but be too small for your taste. Another might have all the space you need but require extensive upgrades. When you build a new home, though, you get to customize it to meet your family’s needs. You can add a deacon’s bench in the mudroom, walk-in closets in all of the bedrooms, or add a basement suite for your relatives.  

2. Being Protected

Everyone worries about making mistakes when buying a home. In resale homes, the feelings of regret often come when things start to break down soon after moving in. Those who build new homes, though, are able to ease their worries because the new builds come with warranties. You’ll get new home warranty – this covers the materials and workmanship on just about every aspect of the build. You’ll also have new appliances that each come with their own separate warranties. Just be sure to read the details so you know what is and is not covered. 

3. Choosing Your Community

You might find a resale home perfect for your family, but that doesn’t always mean it’s in the neighbourhood you want. A happy life starts with living in the area that’s right for you. This probably includes an easy commute to work, good schools for your children, and easy access to the types of amenities important to your family. When you build a new home, you get to choose from some of the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton. Additionally, new developments are usually designed to be close to shopping centres and have nearby parks and playgrounds to encourage a sense of community.

4. Lower Bills 

New homes use the latest building materials and techniques to improve the energy efficiency. This is especially appealing to those who care deeply about the environment, but everyone can appreciate the lower utility bills. While it’s sometimes possible to make a resale home more energy efficient than it currently is, you won’t get the same efficiency you’d get in a new home.

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5. A Look All Your Own

The look and feel of your home are important. When you buy a resale home, you’re often forced to make do with some of the previous owners’ choices. A brand-new home is all about what you want. You get to select the colour of the walls, pick your flooringpick your cabinets [ link to Picking Your Upgrades Part 3: Cabinetry ], and more. Best of all, it’s exactly what you want from the time you move in. You don’t have to worry about changing the paint on the walls or ripping up old carpets.

6. Setting Your Own Budget

Some people worry about the higher cost of a brand-new home. While it’s true new construction can cost a bit more than a resale, you’re also able to set a manageable budget for your home. Simply talk to an Area Manager and let them know how much you’re willing to spend, and they’ll help you make selections that will fit your finances. 

7. Deciding Where to Spend

Additionally, you’ll get to decide which aspects of the home are important enough to upgrade. In a resale home, current owners price the home based on the value they’ve put into the home. They may have valued an upgraded kitchen and now want to pass those costs onto the new buyer. If you value a spa-like master bathroom more than the latest in kitchen design, that resale is not for you. In choosing all of the little details that go along with your home, though, you get to put your money into the things that matter most.

New construction isn’t for everyone. Some people strongly prefer the classic look of a 50-year-old home. However, for those who are looking for a great value on a home with a modern look, building a home is a natural choice. Come take a look at our showhomes to get a sense of what your new home could look like. We think you’re going to appreciate all of the advantages that come with building a new home.

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