The Ultimate Camping Guide for May Long Weekend

May 14, 2018

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Unless you’re one of the few people who enjoy winter camping, the upcoming May long weekend is your first chance of the year to break out the camping gear and have some fun. Unfortunately, the weather is still a bit unpredictable. You might get lucky with warm, sunny weather, but you should also be prepared for cold temperatures and rain.

Our ultimate camping list can help you get ready for your trip while planning for all possibilities.

Camping Equipment

Of course, you’ll want to start by packing your tent and a tarp to go underneath it. Make sure your tent is waterproof. If it’s a few years old, you might want to spray it with a waterproofing spray just to be on the safe side. It can also be helpful to have an additional tent to go over the eating or hang out area. If it does rain, you won’t be confined to the sleeping tent.

Bring anything you need to be comfortable sleeping. Many people use air mattresses or pads to make the ground a little more comfortable. You’ll also want pillows and sleeping bags. 

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Check the temperature rating on the sleeping bags. If it’s meant for summer use, you may feel cold over the May long weekend. Bring extra blankets to make things a little more comfortable. Canadian Tire has a handy guide to help you choose the right sleeping bag if you’re looking for more info. 


Pack your clothes wisely. It may only be a weekend camping trip, but you want to be prepared for anything. It’s best to have several layers of clothes to stay warm: long underwear, thin shirts, sweatshirts, and even jackets. While the days can be warm, the temperature typically drops pretty low once the sun goes down.

You’ll also want to think about the possibility of rain. Bring waterproof clothes if you have them, but it’s also smart to bring a few extra changes of clothes. You won’t have a fun time if you’re sitting around in cold, wet clothes.

Food and Cooking Equipment

You’ll only be gone for the weekend, so you don’t need to bring the entire pantry, but it can also be hard to run out to the store to pick up the one thing you need. Prices at the camping area’s convenience store are likely to be inflated. Plan your camping meals ahead of time.

Sandwiches, cereals, and granola bars are good options that don’t require cooking. You might roast wieners or cook hamburgers with a grill that goes over the fire. Foil packets are a good way to get a nice meal with minimal effort. Delish has several different foil pack recipes. Remember, though, you might not be able to start a campfire if it’s raining. A camping stove that uses propane – along with extra containers of fuel – will allow you to cook whenever you want.

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Toiletries and Other Personal Items

Don’t forget to bring a few things to keep you feeling clean and fresh. Depending on the camping area, you might not be taking a shower, but you’ll feel better if you at least have some hand soap to wash the dirt off of your hands. Use baby wipes or towels to wipe down the rest of your body if you need it. 

Remember to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, a hairbrush, and any medication you might take. Essentially, you want to take any necessities you use daily. 

Fun Stuff

During a summer camping trip, you might spend time swimming or kayaking, but that’s not usually possible during May long weekend, so think about the things you might want to do instead. You might bring a Frisbee to toss around, hula hoops, or a soccer ball. Campfire games are always a popular choice too.

A deck of cards or other favourite indoor game can be fun at the campsite, especially if it’s raining and you can’t do other types of activities. Just make sure to choose something that doesn’t have a lot of small pieces that can be lost.

Don’t forget to pick up some firewood along the way. Campfires are one of the best parts of camping, and the closer you get to the campsite, the more expensive bundles of wood are. 

With the weather getting nicer, you’re ready to get out and have some fun. With a bit of proper planning, your first camping trip of the year is sure to be a success.

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