So What Exactly are Home Elevations?

September 1, 2017

So What Exactly are Home Elevations? Featured Image

“Elevation” isn’t a term many people are familiar with when they begin their search for a home. While it may seem like it has something to do with your home’s height or grading, elevation actually refers the way a home’s exterior is designed and built. Having a basic knowledge of elevation styles is very useful as you can get an idea of what appeals to you ahead of time.

Read on to learn how elevations work and the styles you can expect.

What Is The Purpose Of Home Elevations? 

Usually appearing as architectural drawings, elevational designs are meant to give you an idea of what the home’s exterior will look like before you make the decision to purchase. Once you have an understanding of the different elevations offered by a builder, you pick a style that appeals to your unique tastes. Here a few common elevation styles you can expect:  

Elevation Styles 

Arts and Crafts

The arts and crafts style is very popular among builders and home owners alike. These homes are known for gable roof lines, precise details, and tapered porch columns. 


This traditional style of home offers asymmetrical lines inspired by the medieval architecture of Tudor England in the 16th century. This type of home became popular in the 19th century and is still popular today. The key elements of a Tudor inspired homes are decorative half timbering, embellished doorways, and steeply pitched roofs. 

French Country 

French country elevations are inspired by the rustic warm homes found in the countryside of France. The main features of a French country (also known as French Provincial) are arched doorways, a high pitched roof, and brick, stone or stucco exterior. 


These homes have a simplistic layout and are very popular in Alberta. Craftsman style homes will have a low pitched roof, exterior rafters, and often a muted colour scheme or stonework. 


Heritage style homes are very detailed and are inspired by homes owned by the opulent, refined people of centuries past. They often blend multiple features, keeping the focus on unique and complicated roofs. 

Four Square 

The four square style is characterised by a low pitched roof, short and square porch columns, balanced window placement with an off-centred entrance, and two full stories. The details on this type of home will emphasise its horizontal structure. 

So What Exactly are Home Elevations? Contemporary Home Image


These homes take inspiration from multiple home types but are futuristic and simple in design. Contemporary homes offer a lot of industrial uniqueness and are often angular and square in shape. They also will usually feature more muted colour pallets and sometimes accents of inspiration from other designs. 


This type of home is inspired by the farmers who originally built them. The farmhouse style has a square shape, with sometimes wide side wings, and often a deep wrap around porch that may include spindle work and brackets. 

Knowing which elevation styles appeal to you will help you narrow down your options. When speaking to your builder, be sure to share your favourite elevations and they’ll be happy to help match them with their available home models.

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