Community Engagement

Giving back to the community is an important part of who we are at Sterling Homes.

Giving Back During COVID

The coronavirus has impacted every community across the world. With mass business and school closures, quarantine causing isolation, frontline workers put at risk, and public health resources becoming slim, everyone is struggling. We’re all experiencing a significant shift in lifestyle right now.

While it felt overwhelmingly challenging, there is a lot of good despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Chantelle started this group to help children during this tough time. This included a creative way to celebrate special events, like surprise prehistoric birthday parties in Edmonton – Presented by Chantelle Mackenzie and the Dinos of YEG! Dressed up in inflatable dinosaur costumes, or even unicorns they were there for a short social distancing celebration and some photo ops!

Dino’s of Yeg raised over $3,000!!