With the Evolve product line, our objective as a company is to provide easier access to homeownership, by building homes at a more affordable price.

To achieve the prices and savings we are passing onto buyers, we plan efficient floor plan designs; we purchase materials in bulk for economies of scale, and we simplify the construction process for efficiencies in the timeline. However, this means we don’t have the ability to make changes to our EVOLVE line of homes. This would be things making a change in your kitchen – upgrading your sink to an under-mount style or adding cabinets, as these design decisions are already made and planned for.

The best answer we can provide is this: if we make changes to one, the systematized approach we use (which includes the construction, building, and purchase processes that have been created to achieve the savings on all of our Evolve homes in Edmonton) then gets disrupted, and the gains are quickly lost.

This is why we try to be as transparent as possible when presenting the Evolve Line… because of the firm process. For customers with upgrade requests, we typically lead them to our Advantage product line, where customers have the ability to make additional design changes. For rear detached garage home products (Laned Homes), we do not allow any changes to be made. For our laned home Evolve product, Sterling provides customers with the opportunity to select the interior colour chart, depending on where the home has arrived in it’s construction.