It’s important to check your sump pump several times a year to ensure it’s working, alongside the float switch, which is the part that measures the water level to the pump knows when to turn on. You can do this by filling the sump pit with water until it triggers, or by turning or lifting the float switch slightly to activate it. Sand and sediment from the soil will degrade the pump over time, so to avoid issues you should replace it every five years or so.

Water test:

  1. Remove the sump pail lid
  2. Fill the sump pail with water until the pump turns on.

If the water is 1” from the top and the pump has not turned on consider the test a fail.

Float switch test:

  1. Remove the sump pail lid.
  2. Depending on the manufacture of the float will need to be either a) turned vertically or b) lifted slightly