Rough grading of your lot is very dependent on the weather. New grading of a lot cannot begin until all concrete work is poured and fully cured. It’s also important that the ground is dry and solid for proper grading. If it rains, the ground must dry out for about three days before grading can begin or continue.

Grading work usually begins in June, or when the ground is fully thawed and there is no frost. Grading continues through September or when the ground begins to freeze. During this season, contractors are working to complete an entire year’s worth of work within four months. Your rough grade may take one to two seasons to be completed and approved by the city as last year’s homes will come first.

A good builder’s grading contractors will work hard to ensure homes are completed as quickly as possible. Multiple crews are assigned to grading and landscaping in each community, but it’s not possible to provide a specific start and end date.

Delays in Rough Grading

Every property is unique. While some properties proceed quickly through the rough grading process, others may have some challenges and take a few visits.

Factors that can cause delays during rough grading include:

  • adjacent construction
  • breakdown of construction equipment
  • grading touch-ups
  • homeowner construction of fencing, decks, garages, and sheds
  • weather delays

Keep in mind, there are also several factors that may cause your rough grade to fail inspection. Common reasons for a failed grade include insufficient rainwater leaders, improper window well depth, or adjacent construction. Although your builder has little control over rough grade inspections – which are done by the City of Edmonton – they’ll work promptly to avoid unnecessary delays in your home construction.

As soon as your home’s rough grade passes, you’ll receive a certificate directly from the municipality.

Patience During Rough Grading

While there are many advantages to new home builds, you may feel eager for things to really “get going” while waiting for the rough grading to be done.

Remember grading is a very important process that can’t be rushed. A proper grade is the single greatest method for preventing excess water from compromising the integrity of your foundation and avoiding problems like leaking and/or cracked foundations and swampy lawns in the future.

As soon as your builder receives approval of the rough grade, construction will proceed. We hope this gives you a bit of reassurance during the seasonal months. Choosing a great Edmonton home builder will ensure you’re kept up-to-date throughout the process, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

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