Sterling Self-Showings is house hunting… but on your schedule! We know looking for your dream home takes time, that’s why we’ve installed keypads into select Sterling showhomes so you can do tours on your time, with zero pressure.

In order to book a self showing, simply start by browsing our website and find a ‘Self-Showing’ home you would like to view. A self-showing home is basically an un-manned show home that’s set up with furniture to show you more home layout options. You can book an appointment to view a self-showing home through our website, on our app, or with an Area Sales Manager. We’ll ask you a few simple questions like when you want to view the home and some basic contact info. We do ask that you provide a photo of your driver’s license, just to ensure security.

Then, all you need to do is show up at the home at your scheduled time where you will be texted a link that gives you the code to enter. Take your time and enjoy your tour at your own pace! You can go alone or have representation there with you, whichever your preference is. We can open the door for you remotely and also discuss options with you through a TV located in the home.

Once you’re done, turn off the lights, lock up and head out the front door. Yep, you can enter a brand new Sterling Homes home, take your time looking around, smell the new carpet (hey, we won’t judge) all without feeling any pressure at all!

You can learn more about Sterling self showings and available self-showing homes here: