Meet Mike!

They say a reel expert can tackle anything #FishermanForLife. Meet Mike, our veteran New Home Sales Advisor  who has invested over 20 years in real estate. GoMike Having ridden the many ups, downs, highs, and lows  that come with the industry, Mike will be the first to say how exhilarating, exciting, nerve-wracking, disheartening, frustrating, and thrilling it is – sometimes all at once! #WhatDoesThatEvenLookLike #TheresNoEmojiForThat

That experience has made him a calm, cool and collected expert at helping prospective buyers find a place to call home. If he’s not helping our clients find their dream home,  you can likely find Mike in his second home…the great outdoors!  Whether hiking, hunting, fishing… or thinking about fishing, #TheManLikesToFish Mike just loves being outside. Come to think of, the skills we mentioned above probably serve him well out on the lake!#DualPurpose

We also hear Mike loves to cook…and to eat #JoinTheClub So If you ever see him walking around with a cooler, it’s not beer, he really just eats that much.

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