Bi-Level Homes and Bungalows for Sale in Edmonton

Bungalows offer the ease of one-level living with roomy design at a very affordable price point. Bungalows offer the privacy many new home buyers desire, making them a popular choice for anyone looking to move into a larger home but who isn’t quite ready for a two-story commitment. The current bungalows for sale in Edmonton offer plenty of square footage for a growing family, making them great single-family homes.

Sterling Homes Bungalow Models

Sterling Homes offers a variety of bi-level models and bungalows for sale in Edmonton that range from 960 to 1293 sq. ft. and one to three bedrooms. Bungalows are both child and adult-friendly, so if you frequently enjoy the company of family visiting, this type of home is ideal for you. Since everything is on the main floor, you’ll enjoy easy access to all the things you need on the daily. This is especially significant for doing laundry and bringing in groceries from your weekly shopping. With a bungalow home, you’ll never have to struggle with going up and down the stairs again.

Types of New Bungalows for Sale in Edmonton

While we feature all new bungalows for sale in Edmonton, bungalows come in different types and varieties. Knowing the nomenclature associated with bungalows can help you describe what you’re looking for to a bungalow builder in Edmonton (if you’re looking for a new build) or to a Sterling homes bungalow real estate agent.

Craftsman bungalows feature overhanging eaves, stained or painted roofs to blend in with nature, and wide, street-facing gables. These classic homes can be found all across America, but they have roots dating back centuries when people first started living on their own acres outside city walls. California bungalows are extremely similar to Craftsman bungalows, but with one main difference: the home exteriors typically use stucco, wood (often redwood), shingle and horizontal siding — but not brick. Both California and Craftsman bungalows for sale in Edmonton can be found using our search tool.

Modern-style bungalows inspire a sense of motion with their curved corners. They are often made from materials such as concrete or glass with brick accents for added texture in the exterior design. The interiors are typically light and airy. Tudor revival–style bungalows, on the other hand, have steep pitched roofs and large chimneys. They often come with wall cladding and tall windows. Available modern and Tudor revival bungalows for sale in Edmonton can be found using our search tool.

Why Choose One of Our New Bungalow Houses for Sale in Edmonton?

We employ only the best of the bungalow builders in Edmonton. The bungalow new homes we offer are built to stand the test of time. They’re homes you can pass down through generations.

About Sterling Homes

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