Duplex Homes – Starting from the $330s

Build duplex homes in Edmonton with Sterling Homes! Our duplexes make the perfect home for first-time buyers and growing families alike. The best part? Getting all the benefits of a single-family home at a reasonable price. In addition to private yard spaces, garages, great finishes, and features, Sterling duplexes are designed with storage and copious amounts of space in mind.

Duplex Homes from Sterling Edmonton

Duplexes have gained popularity among both homeowners and renters alike for the simple reason that they offer the elevated aesthetic and comfort value of a large, detached home … at a reasonable cost! What’s more, duplexes in the modern age pose multiple benefits and provide varied features, which we examine below. 

Duplexes of the Modern Era

If you thought duplexes were an outdated home concept, think again! A lot has changed about duplexes in the last decade or so when you weren’t looking.

Sterling Homes’ modern duplexes possess the look and feel of large conventional detached homes. Look more closely and you’ll find that they boast the latest in both home styles and features. Plus they come with additional space in the form of basement suites and large outdoor yard spaces, both of which traditional single-family homes do not always have.

Design Style, Layout, and Features

Another important fact: Duplexes these days are built in an adjacent or side-by-side manner, as opposed to the old duplex homes that were stacked, one on top of the other or in an up-and-down fashion. The advantage? It’s like having two separate two-story homes so each resident on either side enjoys a full-sized home with its own private front entryway. That’s right, contemporary duplexes come with entryways on the left as well as right. Plus, the layout is designed such that there is a living area on the main floor in an open-concept style and bedrooms on the second floor. In addition, they’re equipped with a master suite and second-floor laundry as well as an attached garage and a backyard area where you can entertain and host dinners or simply relax with your family. 

In terms of features, duplexes are stocked with the latest decorating elements and state-of-the-art conveniences. From quartz countertops to vinyl plank flooring, you can rest assured that the most exquisite design features and elements are incorporated into our new duplexes.

Reasonable Cost

Compared to a single family home, a duplex costs considerably less. To top it all, in many instances, families find that it offers much the same amount or even more space than other housing options. So building a duplex translates to cost effectiveness and more space – a rare combination. 

Furthermore, as explained above, Sterling Homes’ Edmonton duplexes comprise additional features like a spacious backyard and basement, which single-family townhomes do not always provide. 

Potential for Multiple Income Streams

Looking to create an opportunity for an additional source(s) of income? Buy or build a duplex home in Edmonton with double units and rent the other unit – as simple as that! Sterling Homes’ new duplex home builds in Edmonton feature basements that can be converted into a suite and rented out too – think of our duplexes as multi family homes in Edmonton.

Double units with a basement can earn as many as four streams of rent if you rent the basement suite too. Considering that duplexes are priced at an affordable rate compared to other types of homes, the initial cost should be no deterrent. It’s especially relevant for homeowners who plan to live in the to-be purchased property, as they typically qualify for a lower down payment. 

For young families who’re just starting out or retirees with low monthly cash flows, earning rental income on a part of the home is a practical and convenient option. Given that you’ll be residing in the other unit you can address issues in a timely manner should they arise and even inspect the property on a regular basis. More importantly, in the event of emergencies, the close proximity will allow you to act promptly, if need be, giving you complete peace of mind. 

Moreover, you can use the rental amount to make your mortgage payments. And not to mention, such an arrangement would offer you the joy of living in a duplex while leveraging its double unit plan to earn extra bucks. Sound like a win- win? It sure is! 

Build Duplex Homes in Edmonton with Sterling Homes

With seven decades of experience building exceptional quality homes, Sterling Homes offers an unparalleled level of expertise in terms of design and construction. Furthermore, with an aim to provide affordably priced homes with no compromise, we’re committed to constructing homes of extraordinary quality and value, with the best and most energy-efficient raw materials and cutting-edge technology.  

We also build townhomes and you may be interested in discovering whether a townhome or duplex is right for you.

Are you ready to enjoy modern living while doubling or tripling your income? Sterling Homes – the finest duplex home builders in Edmonton – presents new duplexes for sale. To learn more, click on the new duplex home builders in Edmonton shown above!