The Advantages of New Home Construction and

Working with a Realtor

The Advantages of New Home Construction
Purchasing a new home from a builder can be an exciting, rewarding and a daunting task. There are so many builders, neighborhoods and options that the choices may become overwhelming. How do you narrow the search and make the right decision? Builders like Sterling Homes, working alongside your Realtor will show you how!

Many Realtors has extensive knowledge of the new home industry having worked many years with a number of the area’s top builders. If you are a first time buyer, Realtors will help you reduce the research time and guide you through the entire process. In the end, you will find a brand new house, fully-warranted, that you will be proud to call home.

The Realtor’s goal is always to find you the right home, in the right neighborhood, at the right price.


More ways a Realtor can help:

  • A Cost Evaluation of Price Per Sq. ft for all builders that may offer a similar product
  • A side by side analysis of the different extras and features being offered by the different builders
  • A market evaluation of the property comparing with resale-homes
  • What options and locations to use for best resale value.

Who Pays For The Realtor’s Services?
Sterling Homes pays the Realtors a co-broke fee for service. Co-broking is a service that was set up so that the Realtor community and the Builder community can work in tandem to help buyers find the best home for you.

Are There Any Advantages in Not Using a Realtor to Purchase Our New Home?
No! Sterling Homes does not have a “Two tiered Pricing” policy. So whether you use a realtor or not, Sterling Homes sells the home at the same price. This is because Sterling Homes assumes that a portion of all new homes sold in each community will be Realtor assisted and build money into our marketing budget for the referral commission.

You can feel safe that your purchase price is a great value in the market and have the double benefit of two experienced professionals working for you!


Finding a Builder
Sterling Homes is reputable and diligent in their desire to build their homes to the highest standards. You want a builder who is highly skilled, experienced, offers the best designs and the best quality.

Good communication between you and your builder will make the entire process run smoother. Discussing your needs with key people like a realtor helps in helping things run as smooth as possible.

Recognize the Importance of the Realtor and the Builder Representative:
It is important that you trust this person and their advice, as the realtor is there to help find you the best home for you. The builder representative will be your primary link during the entire building process which may last up to 10 months.