Skinny Homes in Edmonton – Starting from the low 300s

Skinny homes in Edmonton offer the privacy many new home buyers desire, making them a popular choice for anyone looking to move up into a larger home. Receive all the benefits of duplexes & semi’s with added affordability. Making great single-family homes, skinny models offer plenty of square footage for a growing family. Take a look at the different skinny house plans available below.

Starting prices vary based on area, lot price, and lot availability. Request a cost estimate for exact pricing.

The new home construction scene in Edmonton is changing as the city grows. Edmonton’s homes have traditionally been planned as single-family homes, but we’re increasingly seeing side-by-side tiny dwellings come up in the city’s neighbourhoods.

What is a Skinny House, exactly?

Each slender house is approximately 17 to 22 feet wide, with a main floor as well as a second-story living area. But don’t be fooled by the slim appearance. These little houses have a lot of promise and breathe fresh life into some of Edmonton’s new neighbourhoods.

Why Skinny Homes Are All the Rage Now

Skinny homes in Edmonton have increased in popularity since they were first allowed in Canada in 2013. In fact they’re becoming a trend in the increasingly modern landscape of Edmonton and elsewhere in the country. As one of the most experienced skinny home builders in Edmonton, Sterling Edmonton gives you the low-down.

As the population density in a city increases, so does its expansion on the outskirts, which is typically referred to as the urban sprawl. However, as more and more people are choosing to live closer to downtown, which offers a shorter commute and hosts a major share of attractions for people of all ages, the solution is to build more houses in an already developed neighborhood. But land is expensive and quite clearly scarce.

So here comes infill housing – developing new residential lots by subdivision or adjustments in a neighborhood that is already developed or approved – and it’s an up-and-coming trend that is here to stay. It also makes perfect sense. The only way to build more houses in developed areas is to divide a single lot into two and build a tall and skinny home with more vertical space – expand “up” instead of “on the side”.

Enjoy the Unique Benefits of a Skinny Home

A skinny home is built by dividing a 50-foot lot into two and building a narrow house on the 25-foot lot. These houses come in a variety of styles, ranging from craftsman to contemporary, sleek houses, with all the modern amenities. What’s not to like about a skinny house? These groundbreaking slim home designs are upscale. They not only boast of a state-of-the-art and environment-friendly construction technology but also offer the latest conveniences, which is perfect for young couples and families with children.

Plus, they have between 2 and 4 stories, offering complete privacy to all members of a family. AND they allow residents the joys of living in a mature neighborhood!

Skinny Homes – Sweet Spot Between Small Cottages and Expansive Homes

A skinny home offers the ideal balance between small bungalows or cottages and excessively expansive homes that are hard to maintain.

Moreover, besides the sleek, upscale designs and amenities, our skinny homes in Edmonton also offer all the merits of a single family home. They come with a front garage space, small patio on a nicely landscaped side porch or yard, and a large sized kitchen, dining, and living area on the main or first level. So, contrary to popular perception, skinny homes don’t feel compact or confined as there’s much that can be accomplished in 17-25 foot wide lots. They may not have the horizontally expansive feel of large homes but they can still comfortably house a large and growing family.

Another advantage is that since the kitchen, living, and dining areas are designed with an open-concept space, they offer a roomy and spacious look and feel. Our skinny homes in Edmonton are large enough for whole families to not only live in but also socialize and entertain guests in.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are typically located on the upper levels (second onwards). For those parents who have young children and would like to remain close to them, it’d be a good idea to house the master bedroom on the same level as the kids’ bedroom for proximity at all times. That’s right, our skinny house plans in Edmonton can be tailored to your preferences!

What’s more, during winters, you’ll thank yourself when you have a much smaller outdoor area to shovel in the biting cold. In fact throughout the year, you can benefit from the low maintenance of a smaller front yard.

Savor the Privacy of Single Homes with the Low Maintenance of Condos

Many young couples and families are tiring of duplexes and condominium style living that doesn’t afford the luxury of independence as that afforded by single-family homes. The privacy is hampered either way, whether families accommodate spaces on different floors or adjacently, (even if duplexes offer a separate entrance).

On the contrary, our skinny homes in Edmonton offer independence and privacy coupled with low maintenance needs. It’s definitely a win-win on all counts! Who wants to live in a duplex, condo, or a row house when one can enjoy the privacy of a single-family home along with the low maintenance needs of a condo? Plus you get the basement all to yourself which you can use as you like!

Browse our skinny homes in Edmonton for sale, featured above, and choose the house plan of your liking. Or if you have a specific plan in mind, let us know. Sterling Edmonton specializes in creating custom-designed homes that meet your unique needs.

You can also get an in-person peek for a better feel of these narrow, upscale dwellings, with our skinny home show homes in Edmonton!

They’re fantastic investment properties.

Many homeowners want to build skinny houses to increase the value of their single-family land.