What is a Spice Kitchen?

 The spice kitchen is tucked in the corner, behind a frosted glass door where you might expect to find a pantry. This second kitchen is a spice kitchen, a growing trend with homeowners who cook ethnic foods with oils and strong spices. Not only does the spice kitchen keep cooking smells and stains away, it’s also specially designed for the type of cooking done there; when frying or cooking curries, you need everything quickly at hand. And despite the smaller size, the spice kitchen doesn’t feel closed in thanks to a small window and the glass door.

What is a Spice Kitchen?


What’s in a Spice Kitchen?

The layout and design for a Spice Kitchen will typically be much smaller than a conventional or “show kitchen” of the main home.  They have all of the appliances fundamentals: Gas or Electric Range, Microwave, Ventilation, and Sink (double or single).  They can also have a Dishwasher or other appliances like a residential Teppanyaki grill, depending on the culinary needs of the client.  They will have enough countertop space for prepping, upper and lower cabinet storage for all of your pantry storage needs.

Where do you put a Spice Kitchen?

There is often no Fridge in a Spice Kitchen, this is to cut down on the footprint and space that it takes up. This is why a Spice Kitchen is often near or close in proximity to the main kitchen for easy access to the refrigerator.  This close access is also great for easy serving in the main kitchen once cooking is complete.

Other Advantages of a Spice Kitchen?

  • Great to cook in! The smaller footprint and quick access to the essentials and allows for a wonderful space to cook in.  Everything you need is within an arm’s length.
  • Contain your mess! Keep your mess, splashing of oils and cooking smells enclosed away from your primary living space.
  • Spice Kitchens are great for resale, as they keep the main kitchen in much better condition.

So, how do I get one in my home? 

Great question! Several of Sterling Homes front attached garage homes offer a spice kitchen option, which you can customize with your choice of stove, sink, cabinetry and hood fan. If you’d like to see a spice kitchen in person or want to learn more about adding this option when building your home, visit a Sterling Homes Edmonton show home to discover home designs and floorplans that are spice kitchen friendly