Sterling Advantage Specification January 2021

The information provided for all properties displayed on this website is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed and should be verified. Call 780-800-7594 in order to obtain the complete information on each property.


  • Footing: 32 MPS Type SR concrete as per engineering
  • Foundation Wall: Minimum 20 MPA Type GU concrete, 8” thick as per engineering
  • Basement Floor: 3″ thick, minimum 20 MPA Type GU concrete over 6 mil poly and a compacted sand or gravel base. The basement floor is a steel trowel finish.
  • Damp Proofing: Asphalt emulsion applied to the below grade portion of the exterior foundation walls and tabbing of form ties on exterior only.
  • Weeping Tile: Continuous perforated flexible plastic weeping tile installed at the base of footings, covered with 6″ of crushed rock and connected to interior sump pit c/w pump.
  • Garage Floor on Attached Garages: 4″ poured concrete slab Duramix concrete over compacted sand base with 10mm rebar at 24” O.C.
  • Concrete for Rear Park Pad (if applicable): 4″ poured concrete slab Duramix concrete over compacted sand base with 10mm rebar at 24” O.C. and will include poured concrete apron.
  • Front Sidewalk: Poured concrete, width of the front step tapering to 36” – 48” wide (as per plan). 4″ thick, Duramix concrete over support (as per plan) and compacted sand base with 10mm rebar at 24” O.C. and broom finished.
  • Driveway: All driveways on double attached garages are poured concrete spanning the width of the garage. All driveways on single attached garages are approximately 10’ wide. The driveway is a 4” thick, Duramix concrete, over compacted sand base with 10mm rebar at 24” O.C. The driveway will be broom finished & have appropriate control joints.
  • Driveway Sealant (FONT ATTACHED GARAGE HOME/RSL and DUPLEX only): Supply and install penetrating sealant on all driveways and first 2’ of garage slab.
  • Precast Front Steps (if applicable): Include a maximum of 3 risers. Homes with more than 3 risers, or steep grades next to steps less than 3 risers, may be subject to additional charges for railings and steps due to building code requirements.


  • Exterior House Walls: 2×6 Spruce Studs @ 24″ on center. 9’ ceilings on main floor
  • Exterior Garage Walls: 2×6 Spruce Studs @ 24” on center (if applicable).
  • House and Garage Wall Sheathing: 3/8 OSB sheathing/fire retardant gypsum or as required by code.
  • Roof Sheathing: 3/8″ OSB sheathing; comes with H-Clips
  • Interior Walls: 2×4 Spruce Studs @ 19.2”on center. Kitchen cabinet area walls will include additional blocking for cabinetry install.
  • Floor Joists: Engineered Floor System with 23/32″ T&G OSB subfloor. Subfloors are glued and screwed.
  • Front Verandas (if applicable): Treated outdoor wood decking over 2×8 spruce joists with aluminum railing. Homes with more than 3 risers may be subject to additional charges for railings and steps. The decking and stairs are treated outdoor wood and will not be painted.
  • Interior Frost Walls: Studs at 24” on center, full height of the concrete foundation wall. Installed on exterior walls only.


  • Roofing: Limited lifetime warranty fiberglass laminate shingle.
  • Vinyl Siding: Vinyl siding in supplier standard colors. Upgraded/darker colors are an additional cost.
  • Exterior Corners: Vinyl or Aluminum corners or 6” aluminum as per plan.
  • Exterior Manufactured Stone/Brick: As per plan.
  • Eaves trough: 5” prefinished aluminum and aluminum downspouts.
  • Fascia: Prefinished aluminum.
  • Soffit: Prefinished aluminum. Architectural enhancements as per plan are an exterior rated, painted accent. Low Maintenance Exteriors


  • House Windows: White PVC, venting windows are sliders or casement (as per plan). Screens on all vented windows.
  • Window Glazing: All windows are maintenance free, triple pane, Low E glass c/w 2 Argon Gas filled spaces.
  • Front & Rear Door: Fiberglass insulated door with deadbolts. Exterior door slabs painted with 2 coats of paint, interior of door painted to match interior trim color. Door viewer for the front door if applicable.
  • Sliding Patio Door (if applicable): White PVC on tandem rollers, Low E glass with cavity filled with Argon gas.
  • Muntin bars: Style and location as specified on plans.
  • Basement Windows: As per plan.
  • Garage Overhead Door (if applicable): Insulated raised panel 16’x7’ door on double attached garages, 9’x7’ on single garages.
  • Garage Door Opener (if applicable): One ½ HP chain drive garage door opener with 2 controls and a keyless entry pad.


  • Kitchen Sink: Double compartment top mount Silgranite sink.
  • Kitchen Faucet: Chrome single lever faucet with pull out spray and shut off valves.
  • Bathroom Sinks: White china basin.
  • Bathroom Sink Faucets: Chrome single lever faucet (or equal) with shut off valves.
  • Main Bathtubs: One-piece gelcoat fiberglass tub/shower in white.
  • Water Closet: White china bowl, low flush toilet with shut off valve.
  • Shower stalls (as per plan): One-piece gelcoat fiberglass in white, or acrylic base in white with tiled walls.
  • Ensuite Soaker Tubs (if applicable): Acrylic soaker tubs in white with chrome faucet set.
  • Shower Faucet (if applicable): Chrome with pressure balancing valve and matching showerhead.
  • Shower Door (if applicable): Chrome trim with 6mm clear or obscure glass.
  • Pedestal Sink: Pedestal Sink in white as per plan c/w shut off valves.
  • Water Heater: 50-gallon, power direct vented – Energy Star qualified FV sensor free
  • Water lines: Pex water lines or equal, with a LOGIC system throughout. Waterline plumbed to fridge location.
  • Laundry: One set of hot and cold laundry taps with washer drain and floor drain (as per plan).
  • Lawn Service: One Frost Free outlet installed.
  • Basement: Rough–in for future bathroom.  Located as per plan.


  • Furnace: 95.1% single stage High Efficiency gas fired furnace.
  • Power Vacuuming: All furnace ducting will be power vacuumed prior to possession.
  • Thermostat: Programmable setback thermostat.
  • Hood fan Venting: Stainless Steel. Direct vent to exterior.
  • Bath & Ventilation fans (FONT ATTACHED GARAGE HOME/RSL only): Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) System, c/w control switches in each bathroom.
  • Registers: PVC white color.


  • Electrical Service: 100-amp service, with 40/80 circuit breaker panel and wiring throughout.
  • Standard plugs: Complete with arc fault protection, as per electrical code.
  • Switches and Plugs: Decora style in white. Kitchen & bathroom plugs will be GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected as per electrical code. Walk-through pantry (if applicable) includes a motion sensor switch. Outlets arc fault protected as per electrical code.
  • USB Plug: one built-in double USB port outlet in the kitchen, as per plan.
  • Exterior Wall Plugs: 2 exterior weatherproof GFI receptacles as per plan.
  • Attached Garage (if applicable): 2 wall mounted duplex receptacles and 2 switched Keyless lights in the ceiling in all double garages, 1 of each in single garages.
  • Detached Garage (if applicable): three exterior lights with switches, exterior weatherproof outlet, 2-110 volt interior outlets, 2 interior keyless lights with switch.
  • Rear Park Pad (if applicable): one weatherproof outlet mounted on 4”x4” pressure treated post.
  • Basement: 3-way switch installed to the light at bottom of the stairwell. One light switch installed on remaining basement lights, located as per plan.
  • Light Fixtures: Light fixture package w/LED bulbs. Kitchen will include LED flush mount lights with white trim as per plan. Pendant lighting on islands as per plan.
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Hardwired and inter-connected. Located as per plan.
  • Telephone & Cable Outlets: All CAT5 telephone outlets and RG6 cable outlets are finished with blank plate covers and home run to electrical panel. Located as per plan.


  • Exterior House Walls: R20 fiberglass friction fit batt insulation.
  • Foam Sealant: Low expanding foam sealant around all window and door openings.
  • Basement Insulation: Full height R20 fiberglass batt insulation.
  • Cantilever Insulation: Polyurethane spray foam
  • Attic Insulation: R50 loose fill blown cellulose or equal material. Vaulted areas have R34 batt insulation or better.
  • Vapor Barrier/Caulking: 6-mil poly on outside walls and on ceiling.
  • Attic Hatch or access: Insulated hatch located as per plan.
  • Walls: ½” standard drywall on all developed house walls taped and sanded with a 3-coat application.
  • Corners: 90-degree square corner application.
  • Ceilings: ½” High Density CD board on insulated ceilings only, standard ½ drywall on all non-insulated ceilings. Standard spray-textured ceilings throughout the home.
  • Attached Garage: R20 fiberglass friction fit batt insulation in exterior walls, R34 in attic areas, and Polyurethane spray foam under developed areas. Garage walls are covered with ½” drywall over 6 ml poly, and 1 coat of tape, no sanding. ½” High Density CD board used on attic/ceiling, as per plan.
  • Rim Boards: OSB rim board with Polyurethane spray foam. Continuous R20 rating.


  • Cabinets/Vanities: Choice of Thermofoil, Maple, or Oak. Complete with choice of Sterling Standard stain. 36” high kitchen upper cabinet and microwave shelf as per plan. Cabinetry over the fridge location is 24” deep.
  • Countertops: ¾” quartz countertops throughout home.


  • Carpet: Polyester blend, area as per plan.
  • Underlay: 8 lb. foam underlay throughout.
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank: Builder standard luxury vinyl plank throughout entire main floor.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile: Builder standard luxury vinyl tile in all upper floor wet areas.
  • Bathroom Tile Trims: One row of tile (maximum 6”) around main bathtubs & one-piece shower stalls (if applicable). Soaker tub (if applicable) includes tile deck & a minimum of 18” wall tile. Metal schluter trim is installed on all exposed edges of tile.
  • Tiled Shower Stall (if applicable): Acrylic shower base comes with full height tiled walls (to ceiling).
  • Ceramic Backsplash: Full height tile to underside of upper cabinets in kitchen. One row of backsplash tile on vanity and laundry countertops. Metal schluter trim installed on all exposed edges of tile.


  • Wire Shelving: All wire shelving to be factory finished white wire mesh. All hanging shelving to be free slide. Located as per plan.
  • Linen Closet: Four rows of wire shelves.
  • Pantry: Four rows of tight-mesh wire shelves.
  • Bedroom, Entry, and Broom Closets: One row of wire shelving.
  • Laundry: One wire shelf above washer and dryer in developed areas, as per plan.
  • Garage to House Entry Closet: Includes shoe rack (if applicable, as per plan).


  • Bathroom Hardware: Chrome towel bar and one paper holder installed in each bathroom. Shower rod installed in all applicable tub/shower locations.
  • Front Entry Exterior Door Locks: Satin chrome lockset with 26D deadbolt.
  • Interior Door levers: Satin chrome door levers throughout the home. Privacy locksets will be installed on all bathroom and master bedroom doors. Passage levers will be installed on all other opening doors.
  • Passage Doors: Paint Grade hollow core door. Choice of builder standard seven door profiles.
  • French doors (if Applicable): Paint Grade door complete with glass insert in six choices.
  • Bifold Doors: Paint Grade door style to match profile of passage doors, installed with ½ jamb.
  • Door & Window Casings: Painted 2 ¼” MDF.
  • Baseboards: Painted 3” MDF.
  • Door Headers: 3½” door headers installed in common area. Common areas are defined as everywhere you can walk after entering the home without opening a door.
  • Stub Walls: Paint grade MDF cap w/ 1 ¼” MDF crown molding installed to underside of cap as per detail.


  • Bathroom Mirrors: Standard height of 42″ and full width of countertop, unless indicated otherwise.
  • Pedestal Sink Mirrors: 24”x 36” rectangular mirror with pencil ground edge over pedestal sink, if applicable.
  • Color: Choice of 1 color for walls and 1 color for trim work. Additional colors or feature walls are at the cost of the purchaser. Some darker color selections may be subject to an additional charge should an extra coat be required for application.
  • Interior Paint: 1 coat of primer and 2 finish coats of VOC free 100% acrylic egg shell on all wall areas.
  • Interior Trims: All interior paint grade finishes are sprayed with semi-gloss paint. This finish applies to doors, window and door casings, baseboards, and stub wall capping.
  • Basement Stairs and Floors: All unfinished stairs to basement and basement floors will remain unpainted.


  • Appliance Allowance, as indicated on Appliance Addendum, is included in purchase price and to be used at supplier designated by Sterling Homes. Appliances to be delivered and installed after possession.



  • The land developers designated agency has the final authority to approve a plan for construction on any lot. Changes required to meet these architectural controls will be subject to an additional charge.


  • These specifications take precedence over the master plans/brochures. Addendums and/or Changes Orders signed by both Sterling Homes and the purchaser will take precedence over the specifications. If any problems arise with the supply of products listed in these specifications, Sterling Homes reserves the sole right to substitute for equal or greater materials or products.


  • All construction will meet or exceed the current Alberta Residential Building Code Standards; including fire code requirements where applicable. In cases where the specifications do not comply with an applicable code requirement, the code will take precedence. Due to on site conditions and procedures, plan dimensions can vary within reasonable limits while still exceeding building code requirements for residential construction. If a Community does not meet the 10 minute fire response time, any changes above our Specification, in order to meet Fire Code requirements, will be at the purchasers expense (i.e.: windows, interior/exterior fire rated drywall and/or sprinkler systems).


  • The building lot shall be rough graded only to conform to the approved Plot Plan and within allowable tolerances. After the possession date, the builder is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any retaining walls, yard leveling or damage to walks, driveways or patios due to soil settlement or changes in grades. From and after the date of possession, the builder is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the care, maintenance or replacement of any lawn or trees if provided. Retaining walls, piles or rainwater leaders if required are at the expense of the purchaser.


  • Landscaping for front and back yard is included on all Townhomes.


  • GST on the home will be re-calculated on closing to reflect any changes to the total purchase price of the home and lot. The GST rebates are calculated in accordance with federal taxation laws.


  • Interest on mortgage advances during construction and inspection fees are included when the purchase is being financed by a draw mortgage. Appraisal fees are NOT included.


Last Revised, January 12, 2021