Get The Look: The Modern Home

July 14, 2017

Get The Look: The Modern Home Featured Image

Modern may seem boring to some but for those who love the contemporary, this look is anything but. Modern is ideal for those concerned with clutter but still want to come across trendy and chic. Let’s go through some main feature must-haves that will get you the modern look! 

1. Functionality and Minimalism 

These are the basis of modern decor. Ask yourself, does this object have a function? Mies Van Der Rohe, one of the pioneering influences in modern design, once said, “honesty of construction, death to decoration”. This is the core of modern style – functional items that give the space interest. 

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2. Clear & Uncluttered

If a space is well used and well designed it will appear uncluttered. That’s the goal with modern decor –  to keep the space looking clean, clear and orderly. This means that storage must be utilized appropriately and reducing the amount of stuff you have can really help complete this look. This also goes with the concept of Feng Shui by keeping clutter to a minimum in order to make a relaxing space. 

3. Neutrals

Neutrals, black and white, are at the forefront of this polished style because they don’t complicate the space. Not only does this simplify other items you choose to include, you can bet nothing will ever clash! Achromatic colours keep the space looking open and well-kept. It’s common in modern designs to want light and bright flooring which also gives the space a lighter and more copious appeal. 

4. Windows and Window Treatments

Modern homes are known for lacking window treatments – if they do have them, they’re generally sheer or white in tone. Modern decor goes with open bright windows flawlessly. So, if you have any large windows in your home you don’t require treatments for, leave them uncovered to bring light into the room. 

Get The Look: The Modern Home Lighting Image5. Lighting 

Modern decor welcomes the idea of a well-lit space with hanging lamps and artsy lighting structures. On trend right now are contemporary pendant lights with simplistic designs. Light is the main component of modern interiors because it gives an airy spacious feel to any element of the home. For this reason, you want to be strategic about where you place it.

6. Nature and Eco-Friendliness

Bringing in the outdoors is an often over-looked concept of modern design. Having plants in the home break up the neutral colours and make the space more inviting. They also make for natural air purifiers and look crisp against the neutral pallet. With modern design eliminating many unusable decorative items, a plant can add interest without sacrificing functionality. 

As for eco-friendly decor, there is nothing cooler in correspondence with the modern design than sustainable materials and energy efficient appliances. This way, you can feel good about caring for the environment and saving money on your energy bill. 

7. Wood Finishes 

People don’t often think of wood when it comes to modern. But, if you want to give your decor a natural element, consider adding wood finishes. You want to watch for woods that are less on the yellow side and more neutral grey in colour. 

8. Cozy Textiles 

To break up angular lines and give some differentiation to your colour pallet, you can capitalize on textiles. Choose comfortable blankets and carpets that appeal to you and give some variation in the space. This doesn’t have to mean rigid or boring, so have fun choosing modern patterns that fit with your decor. 

Now that you know the key features to modern decor, you can get the look by following these simple tips. Just remember, as exciting as it is to decorate, less is more when it comes to modern!

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