New Homes for Sale in Fort Saskatchewan

You can make your money go farther here, with lots that are nearly twice as big as city homes, dollar for dollar. Here you can build a full-size home in a child-centric environment. A day in the life of Sienna sees quiet moments on the porch, backyard barbeques, friendly chats over the fence, and bike riding and rollerblading. Treat your senses to lazy days in the sun, the smell of fresh cut grass and the cheerful sounds of children at play.

Beautiful Sienna in Fort Saskatchewan

If you are looking at new homes in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, take a look at the affordably priced homes in Sienna. This quiet, friendly community seems to move at a gentler pace than nearby Edmonton, yet it is close enough to the city for a daily commute. 

Houses for Sale in Fort Saskatchewan Provide Room to Grow

One of the first things you’ll notice when you are looking at Fort Saskatchewan homes for sale in Sienna is the generous outdoor living space. Each lot is about twice as large as the average city lot. Your family will love having room to roam, create kid-friendly landscaping or just kick back and play. 

You can make your money go farther when you purchase one of the fabulous new homes for sale in Fort Saskatchewan. On the flip side, if you have always dreamed of building your own custom home, you can do that too. You’ll love the value of Fort Saskatchewan land for sale, and you’ll love the community you’re building within. 

Putting Your Personal Touch on Your Choice of New Homes in Fort Saskatchewan

You can add personal touches to your new Fort Saskatchewan home that instill your environment with a bit of family personality. For example, a crafty backyard bird feeder is a great conversation starter when you are entertaining. It’s also a learning opportunity for your kids to observe nature firsthand. 

Landscaping is another ideal place to express your individuality. You will find that homes in Fort Saskatchewan that are for sale have enough outdoor space for a formal garden with a stone patio or the fragrant profusion of a proper English garden. Perhaps your children want a sports court with a basketball hoop. Even a beautifully appointed koi pond is possible. 

Indoor decor offers a wealth of possibilities when it comes to making your house a forever home. Your colour choices, furnishings, window treatments and linens all work together to infuse your interior spaces with your unique persona. Purchasing one of the new houses for sale in Fort Saskatchewan is like staking your claim on a dream that is waiting for your finishing touches.

A Comforting Sense of Community 

Sienna offers new homes in Fort Saskatchewan where kids go bike riding and neighbours socialize at impromptu patio parties. Backyard get-togethers, friendly chats over the fence, spontaneous softball games and kids’ campouts in the grass are all part of the family-centric vibe you’ll find in Sienna.

New homes for sale in Fort Saskatchewan feature roomy decks where you can enjoy the outdoors all summer long. Invite the neighbors over for iced tea and a game of cards. The kids can conjure up their own kind of fun on the fragrant, freshly cut lawn. Whether it’s croquet, a game of tag or taking turns on the trampoline, the neighbourhood children can enjoy the kind of fresh-air activities you remember growing up with. 

This community offers parks, trails and paths that lead your entire family into outdoor adventures. Picnics in the beautiful green spaces, evening strolls through the lovely neighborhoods and cycling with the kids are all fun bonding experiences. As parents, you can enjoy peace of mind when your kids go outdoors to play because you know they are safe with their friends and never far away. 

Fort Saskatchewan Schools

With two distinct school systems to choose from and 12 schools ranging from preschool to grade 12, your kids will benefit from a quality education in Fort Saskatchewan. In addition, they will experience the close-knit comradery of attending school with friends and neighbors that they know and trust. Those who purchase homes for sale in Fort Saskatchewan enjoy that small-town vibe that makes people feel at home in school as well as in the community itself. 

Affordable New Homes in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Homes for sale in Fort Saskatchewan vary in floor plan and exterior design, but the common thread in the Sienna community is affordability. You can get more value for your home investment than you may have thought possible. New homes in Fort Saskatchewan are ideal for all sorts of families. Whether you are in the early stages of planning your family or your children are already in school, you will find a lot to love about this community. Visit Sienna today to see all Sterling Edmonton has to offer in homes for sale in Fort Saskatchewan and find out how exciting it can be when you find the perfect family home.