Northeast Edmonton Communities

Northest Edmonton is ideally placed for an outdoor lifestyle and an easy commute downtown. Trails, bike paths, walking paths, the perfect setting for an outdoor lifestyle. Yet downtown Edmonton is a short commute away. Sterling Homes is building duplex homes, laned homes and front garage homes here to suit all budgets. Northeast Edmonton real estate offers amazing green space with plenty of recreational outlets for residents, both indoors and outdoors. Residents of NE Edmonton love the diversity that the area offers.

New Homes For Sale in Northeast Edmonton

No matter your budget, there’s a new home for you in Northeast Edmonton. From front garage homes to laned homes and duplexes, there’s something for everyone in this northeastern paradise, and a new construction is more affordable than you might think. Forget about moving into someone’s discarded, old family home — with a new home, you’ll get that one-of-a-kind experience of moving into and living in a brand new home that you won’t get with a pre-owned construction.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of purchasing a brand new car, you know that a new vehicle is a much different experience over a used vehicle. In addition to the warranty coverage and parts that have years of faithful service in front of them, a new car is not only a status symbol, it’s great for your peace of mind and an investment in yourself. After all, if cars were merely modes of transportation, we’d all own cheap, used cars, trading up whenever the repair bill exceeds the value of the car.

But when it comes where we live, we’re all too willing to settle for used homes that are temperamental money traps. Sure, you might save some cash up front, but a used home is going to need a lot of maintenance and work to make it right for you and your family — and that’s only considering the stuff you can see and know about. Under the surface, a used home could be a pending bill ready to grab your hard-earned money before you’ve even had a chance to settle in. And if you’ve ever had to deal with a problematic furnace or another large home system, you know how troublesome buying used can be.

With new homes in Northeast Edmonton, you don’t have to settle for less. New constructions with state-of-the-art systems and amenities are more affordable than ever, and you know that you’ll have years of trouble-free ownership with bundled warranties and the latest and best in building materials. So while they’re more expensive up front, new homes have significantly reduced utility and maintenance costs, especially when it comes to the expensive stuff that won’t need to be repaired or replaced for years and years.

Aside from the never-been-lived-in aspect — which, let’s face it, is a huge component of buying new — you’ll also get the best that modern-day construction has to offer. Instead of leaky windows and finicky doors that never shut right, you can expect all your seals and seams to be perfect, with no odd drafts and other lingering issues to address before you can enjoy your new home. You’ll be able to get right to living, not playing DIY contractor while you get your old and dilapidated home up to par. 

Whether you’re looking for a duplex for sale in Northeast Edmonton or a large, single-family home with a garage, there are many options when it comes to Edmonton real estate. But only new homes will give you the best of everything, from modern and open floor plans to those personalized touches and conveniences that makes for easier living. Forget about homes that were right a lifetime ago — modern new homes come with everything you’d expect in a home today, from smart appliances and intelligent systems to full home warranties and an excuse for you to lose the number of your local handyman.

When it’s all new and installed to code, you won’t have to worry about any of it. Odds are, you’ll have years of uninterrupted living when it comes to costly repairs and other issues that plague preowned homes — and if something does go wrong, you’re covered by the warranty, so you won’t even have to cover the repair bill. You’ll also save money on your utility bill due to building efficiencies that helps insulate the air inside from the air outside.

Unlike a home that you build yourself, where you’ll play manager of a complicated home build project that could take up to a year or longer, new homes that are already built or that are in the process of being built are a great way to avoid issues with the build itself. You’re buying the home, not taking over the build process, so you’ll only pay for a completed house, not any problems that present themselves during the build process. This way, you get all the benefits of a new home without the risk of a project gone wrong.

New homes in Northeast Edmonton are also part of emerging Edmonton communities, which means that in addition to your new build, you’re also buying into a new neighborhood, with new roads, amenities and benefits that you won’t get with just any preowned home. You’ll also minimize your exposure to unsightly buildings and other developments as all new homes in the area will have been built to exacting standards, maximizing safety and property values as a collective whole. 

In the Northeast Edmonton communities, you’ll also get access to trails and walking and biking paths for you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors without making the trek to nearby wilderness. You’re also just a short commute away from downtown Edmonton, which gives a bustling city-life experience when you want it, but not the everyday annoyance of living within the city proper. In Northeast Edmonton, new homes combine all the best qualities that the area offers without the typical drawbacks of owning a used home.