7 Great Uses For Your Den or Flex Room

May 21, 2018

7 Great Uses For Your Den or Flex Room Featured Image

You’ve probably noticed a lot of modern floor plans include a few extra rooms. They’re usually called dens or flex rooms and you might see them staged in a show home as a home office or bedroom. Versatile and adaptable, here are the many great uses for a den or flex room. 

7 Great Uses For Your Den or Flex Room Home Office Image

1. Home Office

If you work from home full-time, then you’ll definitely want a home office. Even people who work in an office may appreciate having a separate space for those times when they have to bring some work home. Take the den in the Westeros model, for instance. While it might be just off the dining nook, doors give you some privacy – this is also a convenient location if you prefer to be in earshot of the kids! This one is also nice because it has built-in shelving. It’s a good choice for someone who enjoys having a lot of reference material at hand.

2. Family Command Centre

It’s hard to keep a family organized, and some families are turning to the idea of a family command centre. This space might house a computer, a large calendar placed on the wall with details of everyone’s weekly commitments, and maybe even a few extra things like craft supplies or wrapping paper for gifts. In the Tanguay, you’ll find an open flex room that’s just off the main living area. There are no doors, so it’s fully connected to the living space around it. This makes it easy to instantly find the information your family needs to stay organized.

3. Kids’ Play Room

Families with young children often find it’s smart to turn a space like this into a playroom for the kids. Keeping most of the toys in a single location helps contain the clutter, and people will expect this room to be a bit messy. You won’t have to worry about tidying up the main living area when guests come because the toys will be in this room. If this sounds right for you, the Thomas may be the floor plan that works best. The flex room here is completely open to the kitchen, so you can easily watch the kids play. However, a wall separates it from the living room, so any messes still stay contained. 

4. Reading Nook

Your flex room doesn’t have to serve a major purpose other than being a nice space for relaxation. The flex room in the Watson is set at the front of the home with two sets of windows. This means it gets a lot of natural light, making it a comfortable space for reading a book. Put a few comfy chairs in this room, and watch family members gravitate toward the space when they want some peace and quiet.

5. Family Room

Some of the floor plans have a bonus room or loft space upstairs. These are usually open rooms set in between the bedrooms, though they’re sometimes on the opposite side of the home. Use this space as a family room — a more casual living area for the family. Since it’s upstairs, you won’t have to worry about keeping it clean for guests. This type of space is especially appealing to families with older kids. It gives kids and their friends a place to hang out while the parents relax in the main living room. The Trenton, and Westeros both have this type of space.

7 Great Uses For Your Den or Flex Room Guest Room Image

6. Guest Room

If you expect to host friends and family on a regular basis, consider turning your extra space into a guest room. In many floor plans, the bonus space is open to the rest of the home, so it wouldn’t make a good guest room. However, the flex room in the Westin lends itself particularly well to this use. It has a closet for guests to put their clothes, and the Westin is one of the only floor plans that offers a full bathroom on the first floor instead of just a half-bath. 

7. Exercise Room

With a small exercise room, you can easily squeeze a workout in without having to go to the gym. Get a treadmill and some weights or keep the space open so you can do a yoga video. The den in the Trenton would work nicely for this because it’s slightly separated from the rest of the main living area, but visible enough you’ll always be reminded you need to get your workout done.

Extra rooms are nice, but you want to make sure you’re effectively using all of the rooms in your home. If you don’t think your family will use the bonus space in a home, look for a floor plan that only has what you need. You want to be happy in your home, and the right floor plan is definitely the key

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