Good Eats: Restaurants in Southeast Edmonton

March 25, 2019

Good Eats: Restaurants in Southeast Edmonton Featured Image

Whether you’re looking for a nice place to go on a date or you just don’t feel like cooking one night, it’s nice to have a variety of great restaurants near your home. Those in Edmonton know that the city has a lot of famous places to eat, but what about the outskirts of town?

If you’re thinking about one of our Southeast Edmonton communities – Tamarack Common, Laurel Crossing, and The Orchards at Ellerslie – you must check out some of these delightful eateries.

Brown’s Social House

Brown’s Social House is a local favourite, with a few locations around town. Those who live in Tamarack Common will be happy to know that they could probably even walk to the nearest Brown’s. It’s right next to the community. Walkability is also a big bonus if you head there for their “reverse social hour,” when you can get specials on drinks from 9pm until closing time. They also have the traditional pre-dinner social hour. In addition to their selection of beverages, they have hearty appetizers like loaded nachos, and a variety of delicious meals, like burgers, pizza, and noodle bowls.

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Oodle Noodle

Speaking of noodles, Oodle Noodle is another great restaurant with multiple locations, including one in the southeast area. They focus on Asian fusion recipes, obviously with a strong focus on the noodles. Whether you’re feeling like Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, or Indian, there will be something to tempt your taste buds. They also deliver and offer takeout service, so you don’t have to spend the time sitting in the restaurant. Order ahead with their convenient online ordering system.

London Local

Perfect for special occasions, London Local features dishes that are inspired by English cuisine. You’ll find things like roasted lamb, fish and chips, and a brisket burger. If you go on Sunday, you can have some of their popular three-course Sunday roast. You get to choose an appetizer and dessert, and enjoy those with the main course – roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, and vegetables. This option is probably the best value on the menu.

The Workshop Eatery

The Workshop Eatery offers a unique dining experience in the Southeast Edmonton area. They focus on creating meals based off of what’s in season locally. They source food from places nearby, and make almost everything in-house, including things like the ketchup and jam. Food choices are probably more plentiful in the summer, and if you’re thinking about going for the experience, you’ll probably want to make a reservation.

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Indian food is known for its robust, spicy flavours, but at Saffron Indian Restaurant, the owners believe that good food should delight all of your senses. You’ll enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells while feasting on these treats. This restaurant is a good choice if you’re vegetarian because there are just as many vegetarian dishes on the menu as meat dishes. While you can certainly order dishes off of the menu, consider coming at dinner time to enjoy the buffet. It’s a good opportunity to try some dishes you’ve never had.

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

Bring a big appetite with you when you go to Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse. They specialize in making authentic Brazilian foods with the added touch of an all-you-can-eat style. For a fixed price, you can take as many trips to the hot and cold salad bars as you like, and have a server bring you a sampling of all the different types of meats they serve. You have up to two hours to enjoy your meal, so you’ll really be able to enjoy everything you want.

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Ripe Tomato Pizza

Everyone needs a good pizza place nearby, and while you might have to try several places close to your new home to find the one you like the best, we think that Ripe Tomato Pizza stands a good chance of being the one. They make your pizza in just five minutes, and the pizzas are single serve — if you have a fairly big appetite, that is. The nice thing about this model is that it makes it easy for the kids to get a simple cheese or pepperoni pizza, while adults can load up their pies with a lot of veggies or exotic ingredients.

We’ve tried to highlight some of the nicer restaurants in Southeast Edmonton, but you’ll also find that there are plenty of the fast food and fast casual restaurants that you know and love. Clearly, you can eat well when you live in this area of the city.

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