Why Don’t We Negotiate on Price?

November 3, 2020

Why Don't We Negotiate on Price? Featured Image

As you’re shopping for your brand new home and considering all your options, you’re likely keeping an eye on your budget as well. You know what kind of home you want, and you’re in search of the perfect fit for all of your needs and wants.

But that home has to fit within the price range you’ve set for yourself, too.

Although you may find when purchasing a resale home you can negotiate with the seller on the list price, buying from us means your home is already listed at the best price available.

We don’t negotiate on our home prices, but it’s not because we’re stuck in our ways! We work hard to stay on the pulse of home values in our city and scrutinize our costs to determine the best – and right – price for your new home.

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We’ve Nailed the Construction and Labour Costs

We take extensive measures to review every board, every nail, and every piece of trim that goes into your new home, and their associated costs. As one of Alberta’s top home builders, we use our buying power to negotiate with our trades and suppliers to obtain the best prices on the quality materials and finishes in your new home.

We also build multiple homes on the same street at the same time – like our Evolve line – which means we can save a large amount on labour costs. We can bundle up the labour, pouring multiple foundations consecutively moving down the line, like a well-oiled machine. The next line of trades can come in behind and continue on that same line, maximizing the savings which we can then pass onto you, our clients. 

If we don’t overprice it to start with, we don’t need a discount to sell it.

Other new home builders may need to offer discounts and promotions to sell their homes, but not us. Because of our processes, we can pin down the right price for your new home the first time.

We keep a close eye on the market and home values for individual communities, home styles, and levels of finishes to determine your home’s best price. 

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We Build Homes… and Relationships

By offering our buyers the best price on their new home from the start, we create relationships built on trust. When you buy from us, your home price will be the same from the day you sign the contract to the day you take possession. This gives you the confidence you’re getting the best value today and investing smartly for your future. 

Why Don't We Negotiate on Price? Kitchen Image

If You’re Still Concerned about Cost

While we know our home prices are pinpointed with accuracy, you may still find the resulting mortgage payment higher than what you originally planned. But if you have your heart set on that ideal home, there are other ways you can lower your payment and make your mortgage more affordable, outside of negotiating the house price.

You can shop your mortgage rate. 

Many lenders have record-low interest rates available and are eager to work with new clients. By shopping for a better interest rate, you can potentially lower your payment by hundreds of dollars.

You can extend your amortization term. 

The standard amortization on a mortgage is 25 years, but you can now extend that to 30 years. Because you’re taking a bit longer to pay off the principal, your monthly mortgage payment will be lower.

Put more money down. 

If you’re putting the minimum 5% down on your home purchase, you will be required to take on a mortgage insurance premium. This adds a lump-sum premium to your mortgage amount, increasing your monthly payment. To avoid this premium, you’ll need to put 20% down on your new home.

Buying a new home takes a lot of consideration, decision-making, and budgeting. There can be a lot of variables involved that you need to examine, but one thing you can be certain of is that Sterling Homes offers you the absolute best price for your new home, without compromise.

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