Front Attached Homes for Sale– Starting from the 400s

Front attached homes for sale are available in all our Sterling communities in Edmonton – meaning no matter where in the city you’d like to live, there’s an option for you. Due to the larger square footage often accompanying a front attached home, you cannot only look forward to more room to spread out, but added value as well. All of our single family homes come with great value, including quartz countertops throughout, 9’ main floors, and so much more!

What Is a Front Attached Home?

As the name suggests, a front attached home has a garage attached to the front of the house. Compare this style with a lane attached home, a house model with parking situated in the rear. While these two styles are not wildly different, deciding between the two comes down to determining which aesthetic you like better. Do you prefer to have ease-of-access to your garage from the front of your house or the back?

Regardless of which option you find more pleasing, there are big benefits to a front attached home.

We break those down below.

What Are the Benefits of a Front Attached Home?


When you opt to explore front attached homes for sale, you get the convenience of an attached garage. Groceries can be transferred with ease, particularly when a front attached home has a pantry leading from the garage to the rest of the house.

A front attached home also offers you protection from the elements. If it’s raining or snowing or simply freezing, you don’t have to walk from your car to the warmth of your home — simply press your garage opener and drive straight into comfort.

Do you have or are you planning on having kids? Another benefit of a front attached home is how easily your children can go from car to home. You no longer have to worry about them wandering into the road when the door to your home is just a turn away.

Yard Size

Since front attached homes for sale have parking in the front, you get the benefit of a giant backyard! If you’ve always dreamed of a big yard for your kids and pets, purchasing a front attached home may be the solution. With more room out back, you can buy that swing set or trampoline your kids (or you!) have been dreaming of without worrying about sacrificing space.

Community Layout

Builders designed your community with specific access in mind. Some homes may be closer to the entrance to the community for ease of arrival and departure, while others may be closer to the park. Typically, similar types of houses are clustered together within the community. That means that your dream front attached home is closer to the park than the playground. As you assess your desires for a home, don’t forget to determine where you would like your home to fall in the layout of the community.

Front Attached Homes for Sale

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a house, front attached homes offer an affordable, new-home option.

At Sterling Homes, we’re committed to helping you find your dream home.

From showhomes to front attached homes, our unbeatable inventory has it all.

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