New Single Family Homes for Sale in Edmonton – Starting from the $300s

New single family homes for sale in Edmonton represent an incredible opportunity for first-time or seasoned homeowners. And with house stock at an all-time high, single family homes are available in all our communities in Edmonton, as well as Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, and Fort Saskatchewan – meaning no matter where you would like to live, there’s a single family home option for you.

Not only are new single family homes for sale in Edmonton beautiful and fully loaded with modern appliances and tasteful touches, but also their larger square footage adds to their value. You can look forward to both more room and increased value.


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New Single Family Homes for Sale in Edmonton

Looking for new single family homes for sale in Edmonton can be an exciting time — but maybe not if you keep seeing less-than ideal pre-owned homes and are constantly totalling the sky-high renovation costs that add up whenever you consider a modern upgrade. From outdated kitchens to neon pink bathrooms, you may be getting tired of opening door after door to house after house that you’ll never call home.

After all, touring homes that look like they belong in a world a few decades past gets old, and sometimes what you’re really looking for is a brand new single family home for sale in Edmonton that you can call your own.

With a new single family home, you can truly settle into your own life instead of someone else’s history. We’ve been building new single family homes for sale in Edmonton for more than 70 years, and our expertise is your gain when you purchase a new home from us. Our goal is to build the finest communities in Edmonton, giving our clients the opportunity to purchase a great new home at an affordable price.

We’re one of the region’s most prolific and experienced builders, and each of our homes comes with a 10-year home warranty, as well as other warranties that guarantee excellence and completion as you wait for your home to be ready.

And while the price of our homes is an incredible benefit associated with purchasing a new single family home, it just scratches the surface when it comes to all the perks associated with a new house.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider a new construction home over a pre-owned home.

The New Home Warranty

As we already mentioned, all our great new homes include a comprehensive 10-year warranty, so you know that you’ll get a decade of enjoyment out of your new home without having to mess with repairs or fixes.

Think back to the last pre-owned house you toured and imagine all of the outdated appliances, plumbing, and electrical. That’s a lot of opportunity for something to go wrong. When you purchase a new single family home, you don’t need to worry about the dozens of fixes that could be in order for a pre-owned home, never mind any renovations that you’d need to complete to get that old home up to modern standards. 

In addition to the standard warranty against defects in materials or construction, we also provide a completion guarantee so you know that your home will be ready when you need it, as well as an excellence guarantee that speaks to the high quality level of your new home.

Flexible Payment Options

Compared to resale homes, new single family homes for sale are often more affordable due to flexible payment options. You might pay a little more in total for the convenience of a new construction, but because you’re dealing with us and not third-party sellers that won’t be willing to wait for you to get that deposit together, you just might find that a new construction is easier and more attainable than taking your chances on the open market. After those renovations or repairs that a preowned home may need, you’ll likely come out farther ahead with a new construction.

Custom Everything

There’s nothing worse than living in a house you don’t love. When you look for pre-owned homes, you quickly become a professional at identifying what you don’t like.

When you look for new single family homes for sale in Edmonton, you’ll quickly learn that every single aspect of the house is totally customizable. Rather than having to live in someone else’s relics, you’ll get the opportunity to customize your home to your exact specifications and needs. Start with the base model and add in your personal touches with design and floor plan options. Changing options during the build phase will cost a fraction of what it would cost to swap options out after, and that can end up saving you a significant amount on getting your new home up to speed.

Upgradable Features

While most preowned homes may have many of the features and amenities you want in your next home, odds are they’re not exactly right. From accents and other design details that may be decades old to appliances and other home systems that may be on their last legs, you could be in for quite the repair bill if you want to bring that preowned home up to current needs and expectations. 

When you purchase a new single family home, you’re in the driver’s seat. From floors to faucets, you choose every single aspect of your home. Sound great? It is. With upgradeable features, you can make a new dream house your dream home.

No Maintenance

Have you heard the old joke about old houses?
Nothing in the house works beside the owner.
And while that joke is a little corny, it is also very true.

That pre-owned home you’ve had your eye on might look like the perfect fit, but it’s only until after you move in that you’ll notice all those nagging issues that need work. From appliances that aren’t quite working right to issues with the roof or the flooring, you could easily spend tens of thousands getting that resale home dialed-in — money that could be better spent buying a better home in the first place.

With a new single family home for sale, you’ll get a brand new home with all the conveniences of buying new. Instead of repairs and other maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy your new home as soon as you move in. Forget about working on your free time and over the weekends — home is a place to recharge, not for spending your days working on nagging maintenance issues.

Access to Great New Communities

In a pre-owned home, you’ll be joining neighborhoods that are decades old, experiencing the issues that come with a maturing community. But a new single family home for sale is part of a much larger new development – new communities built with you and your family in mind! Want to be able to walk to the grocery store? There’d be a neighborhood for that! With new communities come new opportunities. We plan for convenient access to nearby schools, shopping and culture, as well as brand-new neighborhood amenities; you’ll have front-row access to a great new community filled with other new construction buyers just like you.