First time home buyer?

Here’s what to expect! Learn about the home buying process below to help guide you through this purchasing decision!

Step 1: Cost estimate

This is a chance for you to get accurate pricing and learn the process.  There are no specific requirements for the customer.


  • Review your wish list and questions
  • Review Pricing with requested options
  • Blueprint review
  • Home demonstration to show our included specification
  • Talk about financing options – Our designated lender list
  • Determine down payment amount and timing.


Step 2: Lot hold

To hold a lot, Sterling Homes requires a $1000 cheque.  This cheque is held at the sales center and is not cashed. The hold is good for 3 weeks. During this time, we would  write an offer, typically within 1 week of the lot going on hold.


  • Having the lot on hold allows us to submit pricing requests to our office.
  • Protects the lot
  • There is no risk to purchaser!

Step 3: Offer

$1000 cheque is required to be submitted with the deal. The cheque will be cashed once the offer is accepted by both parties. No structural changes are allowed after this point. Ex: adding a window, any framing changes.


  • An accepted offer will protect you from any price increases
  • This finalizes the House model, the exterior elevation, the lot location, and any major structural Pre Planned options

Step 4: Waiver/Condition removal

This will be set for 10-14 days after the offer. The remainder of 5% deposit is required at this time (personal cheque is acceptable)


  • Exterior colors selected at this time unless you have purchased a ready built home.
  • Set up selection appointments for interior colors

Step 5: Print sign off

Double check prints for accuracy and ensure all requested changes have been correctly shown.


  • Review any architectural changes that may have been required to obtain approval from the Community Developer
  • Your file moves to production for the home to purchased and information sent to all the sub-trades that will be working on your home.

Step 6: Rough in walkthrough

Your sales team will be able to take you through your home at the rough in stage.  The electrical, plumbing and heating rough ins will be completed at this time. We also perform a cabinet walk-through once the cabinets have been installed as well.


  • You will be able to confirm the installation of any potential electrical changes you may have made.
  • You will be receiving your target letter soon to let you know the approximate completion schedule.

Step 7: Final possession letter

You will receive a confirmation of the possession date in writing 45 days before possession.


  • This is a firm date and you will be able to book moving arrangements and utility hooks ups etc in preparation for the big day.


Step 8: Home owners orientation

You will conduct a home owners orientation approximately 1-2 weeks before your possession date.  This will be done with you and the Site Superintendent. The orientation is open to the purchasers that are noted on the purchase contract.


  • The orientation is an opportunity for us to confirm that the home has been delivered with all construction work completed and selections installed as by you
  • At this time, we also demonstrate how to operate the heating and air-conditioning units, appliances, electrical circuit breakers, plumbing shut-off valves and other necessary equipment that keeps a home running smoothly.