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What is a quick possession home?

A Quick Possession Home is a home that has been already planned by the builder (home model, lot, design, colours, and finishes) that is in construction and may be reaching completion or coming close to completion. These homes typically appeal to home buyers looking to move into a home a little quicker than the usual 10 month home build time frame.

Advantages to buying a quick possession home:

Quick possessions homes allow prospective home buyers to buy a brand-new home… quicker! Quick possession homes provide the convenience of buying an already existing home, and also provide additional benefits, such as a new home warranty program, new finishes, and the most recent floor plan designs. The New Home Warranty Program attracts a lot of home buyers, for the peace of mind that it provides. This program provides you with the following protection:

  • 10 years on the structural integrity of the home (E.g. the frame and foundation)
  • 5 years for the building envelope (the wall framing and cladding, roof and window installation)
  • 2 years for the home’s distribution systems (the heating, plumbing and electrical systems)
  • 2 year on labor and materials (such as the floors and fixtures) – Most builders only offer 1 year on labor and materials – the 2 year warranty on quick possession homes is unique to Sterling Homes

What You See Is What You Get:

If you’re nervous about staying within your budget, a quick possession in Edmonton is a great option, as the prices you see listed on the quick possessions map is the price you pay as a buyer.

Sometimes, when building a home from scratch, home buyers can be an anxious about never having seen the house before purchasing the home. Some home buyers are more comfortable buying a quick possession home, as it allows them to view the space before deciding to buy.  This can provide you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re investing your money into and that you’ll be happy living there.

Besides the convenience of moving in quicker and without much hassle, these homes offer some amazing perks.  If you are a first-time buyer, you will get a more convenient experience without worrying about major repairs or maintenance, which takes up a lot of extra time and energy. When there is too much to decide, there is too much to overthink too. You won’t have to worry about the small detail such as the color schemes or other upgrades that you might have to make if you were buying a custom build home. This is especially useful for people who are relocating and need a new home as quickly as possible.

Typically, quick possession homes are less expensive than their custom substitutes.  When all the decisions regarding the housing development are already made, you also save a considerable time when you compare it to the houses that are still in the planning stage. You are likely to find a quick possession home within your budget.

Another advantage of quick possession homes is that they are built as per the standards of newly built homes. This means that you can expect them to be of excellent quality. These homes are up to date with the latest building standards as well as aesthetic trends in the housing market.  You might feel like the downside is that you do not get to choose and customize the house according to your taste. However, when it is your home, making changes is entirely up to you. You can make upgrades over time and pick a new color scheme that feels more like you. The choice is entirely yours.  If you want a fast and hassle-free process and move into a new home as soon as possible, these homes are your best bet.