6 Amenities to Look for in Your First Canadian Neighbourhood

August 26, 2021

6 Amenities to Look for in Your First Canadian Neighbourhood Featured Image

You’re ready to buy a new home in Canada  – it’s an exciting time! One major decision to consider is your first Canadian neighbourhood. You have to decide which neighbourhood you want to build in.

At first, this might not seem like an important choice. A lot of neighbourhoods look similar on a basic level. However, there are also certain amenities you want to seek out in a neighbourhood to make your life a lot easier as you get settled in your new surroundings. 

Are you ready to make the most out of your new life here and enjoy the benefits of homeownership?

We’ve put together this list of things you should look for in a new neighbourhood so you can put down roots in an area you love.

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Finding the Basic Necessities

Missing an ingredient for the dinner you’ve been thinking about all day? It’s certainly more convenient if the grocery store is five minutes away rather than twenty. Think about the types of things you might need in your daily life, then try to find a neighbourhood with all of those things. 

Don’t forget about other important amenities like a dentist, doctor, and hair salon. You want these things to be in a convenient location as well. And if English isn’t your first language, you may want to ask around to see if you can find service providers who speak your home language.

Specialty Shops to Help You Feel Right at Home

Immigrants to Canada often find themselves missing some of the things they were used to getting back home, especially when it comes to food. Sure, you can find a lot of the same produce and other basics like flour and sugar and the regular Canadian grocery stores, but there’s a good chance you’ll want access to some of your favourites from back home.

Fortunately, there are a lot of specialty stores in Edmonton that cater to immigrants. If this is something important to you, you’ll want to locate these stores, then pick a neighbourhood close to your favourite ones.

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Good Schooling Options

If you have kids – or are thinking about having some in the future – you want to look for areas that have schools that appeal to you. There are a lot of great public and private schools in Edmonton, so it’s not so much about avoiding “bad schools” but rather about finding one that fits what your child needs.

For instance, some people are looking for a French immersion program, a religion-based education, or particular services for their child’s special needs. Others simply prefer their kids to go to a school that’s within walking distance, so they focus on that when choosing a neighbourhood. It’s all about what you want.

Indoor and Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

People like to stay active in different ways, and one of the best ways to stick to your exercise routine is to make it easy for yourself. If you like to golf, you should live near a golf course. If you prefer hiking or going on walks around the neighbourhood, you want a community that has those features. 

Those who have kids who are in special activities like dance, karate, or hockey, should look for homes near those clubs. Many of our communities are also located near recreation centres, where you can swim, take an exercise class, or simply work out on your own. 

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Playgrounds and Social Spaces

This will depend on your lifestyle, but a lot of families with young children find they prefer neighbourhoods that offer some type of communal space, such as a playground. Many communities also have an open green space that works well for picnics or playing a pickup game of soccer.

Sure, you’ll have your backyard for hanging out in – and many families find that more than enough – but that extra public space is perfect for socializing with other families and becoming closer to the people in the community you live in.

Natural Landscapes and Walking Paths

It doesn’t hurt to have a great view outside your window. Being surrounded by natural landscapes can help you feel more grounded. A lot of people prefer to live in a space where they’re close to parks, trails, wetlands, and other types of natural environments.

Fortunately, a lot of the communities in Edmonton are planned to include these features, whether they’re man-made or natural. If you’re near these types of places, you can take a refreshing walk every single day.

The choice of where to build your home is just as important as the style of home you build, and the decision is a deeply personal one. There are different amenities and features that are right for different families. Come out and explore the communities that Sterling builds in so you can find the one that’s right for you.

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