The Best Neighbourhoods in Edmonton

October 23, 2020

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Edmonton is a city on the way up, and with some of the best neighbourhoods in Alberta, it could be on the way to becoming Canada’s next great city! 

Whether you’re new to the area or have lived here your whole life, you want your family to put down its roots in a great community perfectly suited to your needs. Let’s take a look at some of Edmonton’s most popular neighbourhoods and find out why they make Edmonton such a great place to live.

Edmonton Neighborhoods

  1. Strathcona
  2. Oliver
  3. Westmount
  4. Downtown
  5. Strathearn
  6. Glenora
  7. Bonnie Doon

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What Makes a Neighbourhood “Great”?

When we’re looking at neighbourhoods, we have to be clear about what makes some neighbourhoods better than others. After all, the features one person puts on their list of “must-haves” could very well be the same things someone else puts on their list of “things to avoid.” 

We know there’s some variety out there, but we try to stick to the facts, and these are some of the things that are the most important factors in the best neighbourhoods, according to the Canadians polled:

  • Easy access to shopping and dining. Most people who live in Edmonton want to live close to their favourite stores and restaurants. The convenience of being able to easily run to the store for a forgotten ingredient or grab takeout on the way home from work makes life easier. Plus, the less you have to travel, the better it is for the environment!
  • Green spaces. Speaking of the environment, Canadians don’t want to live their lives surrounded by concrete. They appreciate having parks and nature preserves nearby. In many cases, you’ll even find these integrated into the best neighbourhoods.
  • Proximity to public transport. Edmonton is considered a smaller metropolitan city, so most people enjoy a relatively short commute to work if they’re driving. However, many people want to be close to the bus or LRT system rather than drive.
  • Access to preferred schools. Edmonton has great public and private schools. Some parents want their children to attend a brand-new school. Others might choose a school for its language immersion program or its religious background. It’s clear that being close to their school of choice is an important factor to consider.
  • Cultural and community sites. Edmonton is a melting pot, and the people who live here come from all over the world. Many of these families are looking for neighbourhoods that are welcome and can offer easy access to things like international food stores or religious services in a foreign language.

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We might sound a bit biased, but we think it’s the truth. Edmonton has a lot of great neighbourhoods, and it seems that others agree:  89% of Canadians said they would recommend their communities to others.

(Note: As we talk about the following popular neighbourhoods in Edmonton, we are using the 2019 census whenever we quote population numbers.)


(Population: 9,173)

Strathcona is easily recognized as one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Edmonton. In fact, it’s consistently ranked as one of the most liveable neighbourhoods in Canada.

You can’t deny it has Old World charm. Strathcona is one of Edmonton’s historic neighbourhoods. It became a city in 1907 and became part of Edmonton in 1912. Here, you’ll find several historical buildings, the oldest of which is the Strathcona Hotel. It was built in 1891, and it’s still in operation today.

Strathcona has over 600 local businesses in the neighbourhood. Most of these are small shops, restaurants, and bars, making this a popular choice for young people who enjoy the nightlife and want their favourite haunts to be close to home.

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Finally, Edmonton is known for its numerous annual festivals, and many of those festivals are held in the Strathcona area. If you live near here, you won’t have to go far to get to the Fringe Festival, Art Walk, Ice on Whyte Festival, and more.

The Sterling communities close to Strathcona include:

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(Population: 18,180)

Oliver is another historic neighbourhood, with some of the oldest buildings in Edmonton, including LeMarchand Mansion (1909) and the Buena Vista Building (1912). It’s also the most densely populated neighbourhood on our list, so it’s not the place you want if you prefer a quiet space.

At the same time, Oliver is also known for having great green spaces. For instance, at Paul Kane Park, you’ll enjoy walking around the beautifully designed pond, or you can have a nice conversation with your friend while sitting on one of the benches.

Another feature of Oliver is that Jasper Avenue – one of the main streets in Edmonton – runs right through the centre of the neighbourhood. This makes the community incredibly accessible. If you live near here, you’ll be able to quickly get anywhere in the city you want.

The Sterling communities close to Oliver include:

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(Population: 5,949)

If you’re a young professional, you may have your eye on the neighbourhood of Westmount. It tends to have a younger demographic, with 36 percent of the residents being between the ages of 20 and 39. That means you’ll find many amenities younger people tend to enjoy, such as local bars and restaurants. Westmount is home to the popular 124th Street shopping area

It also has a fantastic location because it’s bordered by 111th Avenue, Stony Plain, and Groat Road. These are some of the biggest thoroughfares in Edmonton, and they give you easy access to many parts of the city. No matter where you work or want to go for fun, you can enjoy a short commute.

The Sterling communities close to Westmount include:

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(Population: 12,423)

It’s clear the Downtown area is a great location, especially for those who want to live in the heart of the city. Those who live Downtown tend to work nearby, and many can walk, bike, drive, or take the LRT to their office in 15 minutes or less. This area is also a popular choice for those attending MacEwan University

Most of the homes in this area are high-end condos, and residents love the maintenance-free lifestyle this style of home provides. While you aren’t likely to have a huge backyard if you live here, you can enjoy some outside time at any of the nearby parks.

Naturally, the downtown area is home to a number of Edmonton’s most popular attractions, such as the Art Gallery of Alberta and the Stanley A. Milner Library. In Churchill Square, you’ll love taking in the gardens, and in the summer, this is the location of many multi-day festivals. The ICE District is the stomping grounds for hockey lovers, but you’ll also find fine dining and entertainment here as well.

The Sterling communities close to Downtown include:

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(Population: 2,580)

Strathearn tends to be the go-to choice for people who want to bridge the gap between country and city lifestyles. It’s on the banks of the North Saskatchewan, so you’re able to enjoy all the natural beauty that surrounds the area year-round. At the same time, you’re close to all the excitement of the Downtown area. Homes here may even have a view of the city skyline.

Residents in the Strathearn neighbourhood like to spend their free time at Silver Heights Park, which has plenty of green space. You could kick a soccer ball around, have a picnic, or just take in the scenery.

Strathearn is also close to Connors Road, giving you easy access to all that the city of Edmonton has to offer.

The Sterling communities close to Strathearn include:

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(Population: 3,305)

The Glenora neighbourhood had the honour of being voted Edmonton’s Best Neighbourhood in 2017. It was founded in 1869 by Malcolm Groat (the namesake of Groat Road), so this is another one of Edmonton’s historic neighbourhoods, and it definitely appeals to those who love the look of older buildings and homes.

It’s also home to the iconic Alexander Circle Park. This is one of Edmonton’s most well-known parks, with a giant fountain sitting at the centre. This is a great place to meet a friend for a chat, and you’ll be able to do that often if you live in or near Glenora.

The Sterling communities close to Glenora include:

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Bonnie Doon

(Population: 4,726)

Bonnie Doon takes its name from a Robbie Burns poem meaning “pleasant, rolling countryside.” As you might expect from a name like that, in Bonnie Doon you’ll find picturesque neighbourhoods alongside modern conveniences. In fact, the Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre was one of Edmonton’s first shopping centres.

Though the neighbourhood is well established, you’ll also find a lot of redevelopment. There are possibilities for brand-new, infill homes in this neighbourhood, and anyone who owns property here is likely to see a big increase in value over the coming years.

The Sterling communities close to Bonnie Doon include:

With so many great communities available, there’s no doubt that Edmonton is a fantastic place to buy a home. Whether you’re a young family just starting out, an established career-oriented household, or an older family looking for a quiet and scenic place to retire, there’s something for everyone in any number of Edmonton’s top neighbourhoods.

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