Why Spring is a Good Time to Buy a New Home in Edmonton

May 4, 2018

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Every spring, homeowners put their homes on the market, and buyers come out in droves to see what’s available. If you’re planning to purchase a brand-new home, though, you may think it doesn’t really matter what season it is because you’re not always competing with other buyers. While this may be true in a limited sense, there are still plenty of reasons why you should consider buying your home in the spring.

Builder Inventory

Builders like to stay busy. Even when they’re working hard on homes that buyers have already purchased and designed, they’re also building homes on spec. Since brand-new home sales tend to be slower in the winter months, the builders fill their time – and empty lots – with homes that incorporate many of the most popular design elements. Come spring, many of these homes are move-in ready for buyers like you who don’t want to wait.

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Depending on your new home timeframe and how much say you want in the design of the home, you can still benefit from this process. Many of these homes aren’t yet finished. The floor plan is already established, but there may be room for you to pick out a few details such as the flooring, the lighting fixtures, and more. There’s a larger inventory of these types of homes as well.

Good Weather

Spring’s nice weather is good for everyone. As you tour new Edmonton neighbourhoods, you’re not as hampered by the bad weather. You’re not worrying about driving in the snow from one community to another. You don’t mind taking the time to walk around the neighbourhood to see if it’s the right one for you. You’re not worried about your muddy boots messing up the nice floors in the show homes. It’s just a more comfortable shopping experience.

The good weather is also nice for builders. Winter weather makes it difficult or impossible to complete certain parts of the home build like laying the foundation and putting shingles on the roof. Once spring hits, though, these things aren’t a concern.

Fewer Delays

To build a home efficiently, you need to have all of the materials arrive at just the right time. Occasionally, inclement weather in the winter means the suppliers can’t get materials to the builders. Without these materials, the builder can’t move on to the next step. By purchasing your home in the spring, you won’t have to worry as much about delays that are outside of anyone’s control.

Why Spring is a Good Time to Buy a New Home in Edmonton Exterior Home Image

Faster Move-In

Being able to get into a quick possession or spec home is a big benefit. You’ll be able to move into your new home in just a few months. Families are particularly drawn to this option because it means they can get everything settled during the summer so kids are ready to start their new school in the fall.

Putting Your Current Home on the Market

If you buy a home that’s move-in ready or almost complete, you’ll also be timing your own home’s sale well. You’ll be able to get your home ready for spring selling season, which is when families are most eager to buy.

If you’ll be building a completely custom home, ask the builder about the timeline. Often, a new build takes around a year from start to finish, so you’ll likely be able to put your home on the market next spring.

Beating the Rush

More people do start buying new homes in the spring and summer months, but if you’re ready, you can beat the rush. Those looking for quick possession homes will have the largest variety of choices. Those who want to make home design choices will feel like they have the builder’s full attention when making selections and will be one of the first homes on the building project list. If you wait until summer, the builder may not be ready to start your home right away.

Builder Promotions

Finally, builders often have new home promotions during the spring. This is usually a time when they’re trying to fill up the remaining lots in an almost-completed development. They’re also trying to get a few extra buyers into their newest developments. These two situations often mean you’ll get great deals that aren’t available at other times of the year.

Spring is an excellent time to buy a brand-new home. Whether you’re looking for something move-in ready or something you can customize, you’re sure to find a lot of options. Come visit any of our showhomes throughout Edmonton, and you’ll see the quality Sterling Homes has to offer.

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